Being on vacation doesn’t make you immune to things like getting sick, getting hurt, feeling unwell, or other personal and physical problems. While you might like to think that your travels will go off without a hitch, the fact of the matter is that many people experience illness or injury even when they’re traveling.

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Luckily, there are some things you can do that will help to minimize your chances of having your body break down while you’re away from home. To show you what some of these things are, here are three common travel injuries and how to avoid them.

Injuries From Getting Mugged

Almost anywhere you go, there are people looking to take advantage of travels who are out of their element. While no one wants this to happen to them, it’s good to know what you can do in this type of scary situation to avoid getting hurt along the way.

According to Dara Continenza, a contributor to The Huffington Post, the best thing to do if you’re being mugged as a tourist is to just give the mugger whatever it is they’re asking for. Ideally, you’ll have thought about this beforehand and separated some of your valuables so you’re not giving up everything all at once. After a mugging has taken place, make sure you report it to the police so they can take additional action on your behalf.

You Get Sick Or Otherwise Minimally Hurt

When you travel, you’re exposing your body to risks and health threats that you might not normally be vulnerable to. Because of this, there’s always a chance that you could get minimally sick or hurt while you’re on a trip. To combat this, it’s wise to make your health your top priority. Make sure you’re washing your hands regularly, taking vitamins, eating healthy, and not doing too many risky activities.

If you do get sick or hurt, especially if it happens in another country, Caroline Costello, a contributor to Smarter Travel, advises that you contact the concierge at your hotel to see if they can send a doctor up to you, which will be much easier than having to navigate the medical system of a foreign country all by yourself.

You’re Involved In A Car Accident

According to Steve Mitchell, a contributor to Consumer Reports, car accidents are the number one cause for travelers being killed while overseas. Because of this, it’s important that you know how to keep yourself safe when on the roads.

Whenever you’re riding in a car, make sure you wear your seatbelt. Additionally, never get into a car with a driver that you suspect has either been drinking or doing drugs. And if you feel unsafe, try to find another form of transportation.

To help you stay safe and healthy while traveling, consider using the tips mentioned above to help mitigate the risks involved with taking a trip.


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