3 Live Acts to Hire for More Party Pep,

3 Live Acts to Hire for More Party Pep

Want to host a party that everyone is excited about attending?

For a great party, the entire night doesn’t have to be a series of one “bang” after another, the most important aspects are the first five minutes, kind of like the first impression when meeting someone, the last five minutes which is something that will stick with most people as they evaluate the experience, and the high or the low in the middle. If there is no high point, they’ll remember the low, so that’s what you need to concentrate on. And the best way to do it? Hire a live act.

These three live acts are sure to give your party more pep, leaving your guests with a positive experience they’ll remember for some time to come.

A Saxophonist

The saxophone is one of the most versatile instruments there is. It can be used as part of a horn section, as an ensemble instrument, or as a solo instrument, and have different effects added to it. While it’s obviously not possible to hire John Coltrane, widely considered to be the No. 1 saxophonist of all time, by hiring an experienced, skilled player, they’ll be able to play everything from pop and reggae to soul, jazz, rock, ska, gospel, and even hip hop on a saxophone, ideal for just about any party or gathering. They’ll observe the audience and perform something specifically designed for them.


When things are more subdued, a saxophonist can play softly, enhancing a relaxed atmosphere. When you want to liven things up, they’ll be able to play something more upbeat. Having a saxophone player at your party means your guests will be able to make requests, and they can be played immediately. With a repertoire that runs from classical to current hits – they’re great for a 1920s themed party, playing old jazz from the era to give it more authenticity. It also helps that saxophonists don’t need a lot of space, so you don’t have to host your party at a lavish estate or another large venue. 

Silhouette Artist

If you want to hire a live act that most people aren’t familiar with and can stroll through the room to make sure nobody misses the fun, a silhouette artist can be another great option. This intriguing art form was highly popular around the start of the 20th-century. The artist cuts out the shape of a guest’s profile into a special type of paper, and when it’s complete, they’ll have two silhouettes to bring home to remember the night for many years to come. 

A Glow/Fire LED Show

Glow shows are becoming increasingly popular, utilizing all sorts of colored lights, technical prowess, and often fire. If you’re looking for something sure to bring lots of fantastic photo-ops that your guests will share on social media, then this is the kind of live act you want to add more pep to that party. Elegant and extraordinary, it’s a visual feast that will long be remembered, involving acrobatics and props like hula hoops, fire snakes, fire fans, and more. 

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