If you bought a car now versus twenty years ago, there are several differences that might amaze you. Automotive technology seems to be developing very rapidly, with safety features and all manner of luxuries that the general public never imagined not many years back.


In this article, we’ll talk about some technologies that cars can utilize these days that the modern consumer might appreciate. You can look for these the next time you go car shopping, and you can retrofit your current vehicle with some of them as well. We’ll also go over some car-related services that keep your vehicle running longer.


The Automotive Technical Services Database

Companies need technical services like system operations management and IT security, but vehicles need technical services sometimes as well. That is because:


  • You might have a malfunctioning component
  • There may be a factory recall of which you were unaware


In the past, you might have had trouble getting those technical services because you may not necessarily have known anything was wrong. Meanwhile, a faulty vehicle component could be a ticking time bomb, waiting to go off.


Now, there is a technical service bulletin database that lets you know anything that’s happening with your car’s make and model. The National Highway Safety Administration set it up.


All you have to do is go on there and input the proper data. The database will show you any manufacturer-created TSBs, and you can act accordingly if you see one for your car there.


Dashboard Cameras

No cars come with dashboard cameras yet, but you can set one up in your car cheaply and easily. You might want a dashboard camera because:


  • You can record it if another vehicle hits you and then drives away
  • You can record accidents where the other driver claims something untrue happened, and you have to take them to court


Many times, another driver will try to claim a different event series that led to them hitting you. You might not be able to dispute it if you don’t have eyewitnesses or enough material evidence.


With a dashboard camera, you have irrefutable evidence that your event version is the correct one.

There are several dashboard camera options, and you can buy one and set it up for a couple of hundred dollars, on average. You’ll be glad you spent the cash if you ever get in an accident that was another driver’s fault.


Wireless Phone Charging Technology

Let’s face it: most of us are on our smartphones constantly these days. If we’re not talking on our phones or texting on them, we’re using them to play music, shop on Amazon, play Candy Crush, or whatever else strikes our fancy.


If you haven’t charged your phone, you probably won’t be too happy about it. For years, the technology has existed that allows you to charge your phone through your car when the engine is running.


Now, however, the newest vehicles let you charge your smartphone through your car wirelessly. All you do is lay the phone down next to the gearshift, and it will begin to charge.


If you get to your destination in twenty minutes, by the time you arrive, your car should have charged your phone most of the way, even if it was almost dead when you got in the vehicle. You can get right back to playing solitaire or looking at cute kitten videos in no time.


The Driver Drowsiness Monitor

You might have heard about emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and vehicle blind-spot monitoring technology. But have you heard about cars with the new driver drowsiness monitoring devices?


Of the various dangerous car behaviors, there are ones like distracted driving and alcohol consumption that remain problematic. However, research shows that drivers nodding off at the wheel causes a lot of accidents as well.


There are cars now that can sense when your eyes start to close, or your head begins to nod. The car will sound an alarm until you snap back to attention.


If you’ve just worked a double at your job, and you’re trying to get home so you can crash for a few hours, this is the tech you need to get you back safely. Your family will be glad it’s there.


As automotive technology grows more advanced, there’s more reason than ever to invest in a newer car model. If you can’t afford a brand-new one, you can always look into gently used or certified pre-owned vehicles.

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