4 Reasons You May Be Stressed Out  


Stress is something that most people can admit they experience on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s something as small as being irritated you missed your bus, and for other people their stress may be caused by something much more life-threatening. 


However, while some people may know exactly why they feel stressed, there are some cases where people don’t realize the cause.  If you’re not sure why you feel uneasy,  then it can be challenging to try and find a solution. The best way to tranquility is to first find the cause.After that, you can look for suitable ways to eliminate the causes or get professional help if needed. Prescription meds for mental health issues are available at 90-Day Meds at affordable rates


If you’ve been feeling stressed out recently, then take a look at some of the reasons that may be causing it. 




Fluctuating hormones can play a significant role in our body’s composition. Whether you’re about to start your menstrual cycle or you’re about to go through menopause, your hormones can have a significant impact on the way that you handle your feelings. If you notice that you’ve had a short temper and feel easily overwhelmed, it may simply be attributed to your body’s hormone levels. Consider checking out the film Hot Flash Havoc by Heidi Houston to learn more about menopause.  


It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about whether you suspect this is the case. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have and likely give you a test to determine the cause. 


Not Enough Sleep 


Most people know that lack of sleep can lead to feeling sleepy, but a lot fewer people know that sleep can significantly impact your stress levels. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re much more susceptible to letting your emotions get the best of you. Whether it’s anger or sadness, feeling tired can result in becoming easily overwhelmed. 


Try to get enough sleep a night, and you won’t just see your stress levels lower, but you’ll also reap various other physical benefits. 


Lack Of Coping Skills 


Life can get stressful for anyone. The key is knowing how to handle stress when it comes your way. There are a variety of ways to calm down your mind when you start to feel stressed taking over. Coping skills such as deep breaths or meditation can make a world of difference in how you react to anxiety. People who aren’t equipped with the tools to calm themselves down are often the most affected by stress. 


Too Much Drinking 


Even though a lot of people think that alcohol can lower your stress levels, the truth is that it can actually increase your stress levels. Even though you may feel more relaxed in the moment after a few drinks, your anxiety levels will rise once the alcohol has worn off. 


Try to take note of the times when you feel stressed. If it happens after a long night of drinking, then you’ve likely got your answer. Try to pull back your drinking or eliminate it from your life altogether. 


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