Plumbers are skilled tradespeople. However, some of them are more reputable and trustworthy than others. One easy way to figure out who is the best plumber for you is to double-check whether they are licensed. A licensed plumber is someone who has attended an accredited institution and has learned the techniques of the trade. A license proves that they are the right person for the job.

However, there are more benefits to hiring a licensed plumber than having an educated plumber working on your household’s pipes and appliances. Here are five benefits to prove that a licensed plumber outweighs unlicensed handymen any day:

1.Licensed plumbers can install, repair, inspect, and upgrade

When a plumber is licensed, it is assurance that they perform a wide range of services masterfully. A license is proof of their expertise. These professional plumbers can fix leaks, repair water heaters, replace appliances, and so much more. Usually, they even have higher quality equipment, like plumbing snakes with miniature cameras to do video drain inspections.

In other words, a licensed plumber knows what to do and takes the guess work and stress out of any plumbing problem.

2.Protect your warranty

Did you know that some warranties on appliances and parts can be voided if you use an unlicensed plumber? It’s true! While saving money and hiring a handy man or attempting to repair the problem using might be tempting, you are risk of not only creating farther damages but you might wind up spending more money in the process. Save your warranty by having a licensed professional work on appliances and pipes instead.


Keeping your household and your family safe should be top priority. By hiring a licensed plumber, you know that the plumbing will be installed, repaired, inspected, or upgraded correctly, thus keeping everyone and everything in home safe. The last thing you want is for an unlicensed plumber to make a mistake with a project and causing water damage or other problems in your house.

4.Building code compliance

All licensed plumbers are knowledgeable about local building codes and are compliant with those rules and regulations. Not only is this good for you, because you could get fined building outside of the codes, but going against code is also a breach of safety. Remember: If you don’t use a professional and licensed plumber and something goes amok, warranties and insurances will be voided—so you lose both time and money.

5.Lasting peace of mind

Yes, there are many benefits to hiring a licensed plumbing professional near you. These plumbers are guaranteed to have the knowledge required to repair, install, inspect, and upgrade the plumbing inside your home. With that quality assurance, you can rest easy and live with greater peace of mind. Don’t make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed plumber who cannot resolve the plumbing problem, leaving you with potential damages and penalties.

We are here to help you resolve your plumbing issues quickly. Our licensed and reputable team offers a range of plumbing service, including 24-hour emergency plumbing. Don’t wait. Contact your local plumber today.


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