Sybil Stallone
Sybil Stallone

She has spent some 500,000 euros in plastic surgery to become a “sexy living robot” and says that the “new sex dolls” being produced at the factory can never compete to her.

She says of “The Sun” that she was very aware of the growing popularity of robotic sexual brothels and so was eager to add accessories that would make her irresistible in this business.

However, Stallone says she needs more than the surgery to make her the most preferred sexual partner.

She said, “I’m built for sex. In our modern era of virtual reality, teledictonics and sex robots, sexual clients are constantly looking for a more unique experience. Through my upgrades, I offer to my lover something beyond people, better than anything you can get with a sex robot or with many other women. I am the best of both worlds – a doll of living sex. “

Stallone began working on brothel at the end of 2018 and says she has had considerable success with the clients.

It was supposed to undergo important surgical supplements in order to turn into a sensitive sexual puppet and these operations involve the transformation of the nose, the cheeks, the chin, the filling of the lips, a giant butt and the growth of the chest from D to G.

Stallone does not regret any of her operations and says the customer response has been extremely positive.

She added: “When I combine physical exercise interventions with intense exercise regimen, positive sexual orientation, and my years of experience in excellent sexual relationships as a successful pornographic star, there is nothing in the market that approaches what I offer. I am the terminator of sex. No sex robot has any chances with me. “

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