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The website traffic to your website is your company’s lifeblood.  You could hire an SEO consultant, but knowing SEO basics can help you understand what they are doing to increase your traffic. Consider these six tips when looking for one.

Long Term Results

SEO consultants cannot provide a quick solution. Increasing a web site’s traffic or solving technical issues takes time. Advertisements often try to lure unsuspecting business owners with promises of fast and easy results, claiming to improve search engine optimization in as low as 15-30 days. In reality, it could take up to six to eight months to achieve the desired outcome. The same goes for addressing website penalties. When looking for a consultant, pick someone who is honest and upfront about what you can expect. Living in Mexico and looking for local services that can improve your website ranking? This SEO Consultant in Mexico can help you achieve all your marketing goals and improve your business or brand.

Real SEO Takes Real Money

Do not settle for low-priced, low-quality solutions. Spending more on a high-quality SEO service will actually save you money in the future. Many SEO services charge as low as $99 or a couple hundred per month. However, they often leave websites with spam links and penalties that take additional time and money to fix. The bottom line: A cheap SEO service is not worth the hassle.

Sell Quality Products and Services

You need to have a high-quality service or product in order for it to sell. Search engine optimization cannot compensate for your product, agents, or underachieving team members. SEO consultants are there to increase website traffic and improve your brand’s online presence. Do not depend on an SEO consultant to provide additional business consultation outside of their specialty. Work out the kinks in your business first.

Understanding Return on Investment

ROI (return on investment) is more important than keyword rankings. When it comes to SEO, high rankings do not mean much if you are unable to meet your long-term business goals. A lot of SEO consultants will focus on high rankings without considering the greater value their efforts glean for a company. A good SEO consultant understands that ROI is about expanding your business and not just generating top search results.

SEO is More Than Link Building

SEO is about more than building links. A competent consultant will consider the entire user experience. Factors such as a page’s load time and speed can have a major impact on visitor retention, as can on-page optimization and the website content itself. While it is true that links are one of the most important factors in search engine rankings, they alone will not guarantee success. Hire an SEO consultant who focuses on the bigger picture and not just a single element.

Diversify Traffic Sources

A smart SEO consultant will advise you to have multiple channels to bring in traffic. Aside from organic traffic, this could include paid search, social media, emailing, and affiliate marketing. If one channel suddenly drops in traffic, another can compensate for that loss. The last thing you want to do is put all of your effort and resources into one thing. The internet is unpredictable. A qualified SEO consultant will advise you to spread your efforts even if that means taking on additional risk. You want to hire someone with both the knowledge and experience to address these issues.

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