We have selected the 7 best billing software that allow entrepreneurs to manage all their tasks, equipment, appointments and documents from the mobile or smartphone. Even organize clients and make invoices for your business. They are in the cloud and affordable.

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We present the 7 most useful tools for the day to day of the self-employed and entrepreneurs that you should know:

1. Billdu

Billdu is in our first place and this is not without reason. Based on the research that we have done, this invoice tool is the best, at least for now. With this tool, you can do more than just bill. You can set your own billing logo, make signatures and create attractive designs. You can design your billing as professionally as possible. There are many features provided; automatic invoicing, sending by email, order management, document exporting and much more. If you want many functions in one practical package, then Billdu is your best option.

2. BambooInvoice

It allows any self-employed or microenterprise to manage all the economic aspects related to their business. It is quite complete considering that it is free. With it you can manage your income, expenses, billing, articles, customers and suppliers from any Android device.

3. Invoice Control

It is a program that will allow you to create invoices in PDF format and send them to your clients by mail, WhatsApp or Line directly from your Smartphone. If you have a company or you are self-employed you can do the billing with this app without problem. The most interesting of Invoice Control is that it allows exporting in Excel format the data of the invoices, besides marking the invoices as sent or paid.

4. Invoice2go Plus

It allows you to create invoices, budgets, receipts and reports easily and quickly with their fully customizable templates. You will have a cloud account that will synchronize all your documents. You can access them from your Android phone or tablet or computer. It is free for the first bills, and then it is paid.

5. Easy Invoice

Easy Invoice is an app for Android devices to make and send invoices easily to customers. The free version is limited; only able to serve a limited number of invoices. With the paid version, the number of invoices is unlimited.

6. Invoice Mini

This is a lightweight application without ads and of course it’s free. If you don’t want to pay for your application, the Invoice Mini can be your solution. But of course the features provided are not too complete. If you are a professional businessman with so many billing activities then Billdu is more suitable for you.

7. Invoice Ninja

This invoice app is available in two versions; free and paid. As a free user, you are given the ability to manage up to 100 clients, but if you choose a paid program, you can manage an unlimited number of clients. One thing that is less fun for some people is that each invoice has the same watermark, Created by Invoice Ninja.

Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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