7 things that happen to your body when you drink coffee every day

Most of us consume a lot of coffee, and are even those who do not start the day without it.

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But what happens to our bodies when we consume so much caffeine?

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#1. You can lower the chances of developing cancer and other diseases.

According to studies: Coffee consumption (3-5 cups per day) is associated with lowering mortality from all causes, decreasing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and lowering the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Experts have referred to coffee as a “drug that does miracles” because of its ability to prevent such illnesses.

#2. Improves humor.

In addition to preventing disease, coffee is directly related to your brain. According to Witherspoon, “Caffeine has been associated with positive brain activity, including improved mental alertness and attentiveness, concentration help, and improved humor.”

#3. Helps improve memory.

According to the Nature Neuroscience magazine, “caffeine consumption increases the consolidation of long-term memories in humans”.

#4. It makes you more sporty.

Caffeine brings improved physical performance, especially in aerobic exercise.

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#5. It can adversely affect if you consume too much.

If excessive coffee is consumed, some individuals may experience adverse side effects, such as anxiety, panic, insomnia, and caffeine addiction.

#6. Increases cholesterol levels.

If cholesterol is something you are worried about, double check how your coffee is produced.

#7. There may have increased blood pressure.

Finally, coffee can cause an increase in blood pressure. Typically, this increase is short, temporary and will not result in negative effects in the long run.

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