Galaxy S20 Camera

Below neoAdviser lists 7 ways to get the best out of your Galaxy S20 camera.

The Galaxy S20 series camera is the most powerful of all the Galaxy saga. Now the series is on the market and you can all test it closely. The camera on the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra is built to change the way we capture the moment by offering endless options among which we often find it difficult to choose the right one.

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Every aspect of the Galaxy S20’s camera is designed to help you capture, edit and share photos and videos more easily than ever. Below the neoAdviser lists 7 ways to get the best out of your Galaxy S20 camera. At the end, we invite you to vote on what you find most important.

1. Capture what is important, as it is

When it comes to taking real photos, the resolution of a camera is essential. To help you shoot your next shots, each Galaxy S20 comes with an advanced sensor camera so you can capture your special moments in super high resolution.

With 108MP resolution on the S20 Ultra and 64MP on the S20 and S20+, photos and videos are so perfect in pixels that you can enlarge city views or landscapes with even the smallest details.

2. Get close to the Action

Not only is the Galaxy S20 camera powerful, but it is also full of innovative Zoom capabilities. The Galaxy S20’s Space Zoom feature brings you closer to all action, with the S20 and S20+ supporting up to 30x zoom and the S20 Ultra supporting game-changing 100x zoom.

Whether you’re at a concert or trying to capture your favorite player during a game, Space Zoom means you’re able to enlarge the visuals you love while maintaining image clarity. Even if you are looking to photograph something far away – such as the Moon – you will be able to capture the luminous subject as if it were right in front of you with Space Zoom.

3. Immerse yourself in a Cinematographic Video

If you’re shooting for a breathtaking, real-time sunset, now with the Galaxy S20, you can capture every beautiful detail in 8K without the need for other gadgets – perfect for those moments that require nothing less than to record with cinematic quality.

Not only that, but the Galaxy S20 can also help you focus on each particular moment by letting you select and save photos from your 33MP high resolution video recordings. Want to share your moment with your friends and family, exactly how you experienced it? You can stream your 8K videos straight to a Samsung 8K TV.

4. Let the Camera Do the Work

Finding the perfect camera mode can cost you essential seconds when trying to capture a spontaneous reunion or unexpected purpose. Single Take relieves the pressure as it uses AI to capture different versions of the same moment using each of its cameras.

With Single Take, all you have to do is press Record when the moment calls and the Galaxy S20 will capture images, up to 10 seconds, with a wide range of capture modes. Once it’s over, you’ll be able to review the clips and decide if you like what you shot best as my laps, as a forward-and-reverse video, or as one of many other options in the Gallery app.

5. Stay Focused on Fun

Life happens fast, and some of our most fun memories happen when we are on the go. Therefore, cameras should be able to walk our daily adventure, even when they are happening at 10 miles per hour.

The upgraded Super Steady utilizes a new and improved anti-rolling stabilizer and AI motion analysis to stabilize movement as you record. So the next time you’re trying to capture all the action on camera, don’t worry – your S20 will help you with clear, consistent shots.

6. Catch Clearly, also at the Night

When capturing scenes in low light conditions, we are often disappointed to see our pictures appear blurry, or simply different in appearance to us. But the Galaxy S20’s camera is set to change everything thanks to its larger image sensor, which means that even in the default camera mode, photos and videos come out clear and real, regardless of lighting conditions.

You can also enable Night Mode on your Galaxy S20 device. Powered by multi-image processing technology and multi-ISO composition, the Galaxy S20’s Night Mode works to reduce the motion blur found in night-time photos, and low lights. The S20 Ultra even features a unique nona-binning technology, the first of its kind, which merges nine pixels into one for exceptional low light photography and video.

7. Don’t Miss Any Opportunity to Shoot and Share

Not only is the Galaxy S20 camera ready for any scenario, but it also takes powerful performance to the next level. Thanks to its exceptional storage capability, you’ll have plenty of room for all your favorite photos and videos. And with the battery lasting all day, you’ll never have to prioritize usage on your phone, meaning you’ll never miss a single moment. Also, for those who want to spread the love, the Galaxy S20 Fast Speed ​​allows users to share files with up to five friends at once, without pairing the device.

The Galaxy S20’s camera is designed to remove the stress of shooting and capturing videos in order to capture everything as you see it, easier than ever before – all you have to do is get targeted and shoot.

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