8K TV from Sharp goes on sale next month
8K TV from Sharp goes on sale next month

4K is about to become the standard solution for the near future, and to a degree it is halfway, as we see more 4K resolution screens and more devices that can record 4K video.

However, in the future we can see higher-resolution screens, such as 8K, and Sharp seems to be ready to offer this upgrade.

The company has announced in CEATEC 2018 that they will send their 8K TVs next month, meaning that if you are looking for an 8K TV, Sharp is one of the companies that should research.

Sharp is not the first company to launch an 8K display after we’ve seen the 8K offer from Samsung, but that assortment definitely helps.

However, Sharp’s offer has an advantage because it comes with an additional built-in tool that allows you to watch broadcasted broadcasts at 8K resolution, although there is no doubt that there is not much 8K content available right now.

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