A dual screen folding phone is patented by LG
A dual screen folding phone is patented by LG

The last time, and probably the first, we’ve seen a dual folding phone was when Xiaomi started promoting their folding approach, with leaks beginning in January, followed by official marketing and more in March.

It seems that the Chinese company is not the only one exploring the idea.

LG avoided the folding device theme last year, as the company preferred to go with a secondary display for the V50 ThinQ, and its next successor at IFA 2019, but can be dropped directly into a dual folding phone, such as its patent. featured in recently reveals.

Filed in China on March 6, this year, the patent describes and shows, through its sketches, a phone that would have a double fold, which, when unfolded, would be twice as wide as the folded version of his.

Whether the device will remain just a concept or will be put into production remains to be seen.

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