Audi TT RS-R by ABT Sportsline
Audi TT RS-R by ABT Sportsline

The 2.5-liter Turbo 5-cylinder engine of this model, has boosted by ABT from 395 to 450 horsepower and for this TT RS has chosen the new sport system of exhaust gas from steel.

Also, the company has not revealed the acceleration and the top speed after applying reinforcement but the standard TT RS remains a rocket – up to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and up to 280 km/h.

The ABT package for this Audi TT RS also includes carbon fiber aerodynamics (front, rear, etc.), front cover with the inscription “TT RS-R“, modified shock absorbers, set of 19- or 20-inch alloy wheels, as well as LED lights that illuminate the “TT RS-R” inscription when the door opens.

ABT Sportsline has also modified the interior of this attractive model which now consists of leather, carbon fiber parts, and sports seats with the “TT RS-R” logo.

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