ABT turns Audi RS4-R Avant into a
ABT turns Audi RS4-R Avant into a "police car"

The renowned German car modification company ABT Sportsline for this year’s modified car fair in Essen, Germany, has transformed Audi RS4-R Avant into a “police car”.

In fact, this model is unique created to promote the Tune It! Safe! ”(“ Modify! Safe! ”).

In addition to police tags and blue roof rotation, this model also draws attention with the 2.9-liter V6 Bi-Turbo engine which is rated at 530 hp.

Also, this RS4-R Avant “Police” comes with some carbon fiber parts, sport exhaust system, new 21-inch black alloy wheels and 275/25 ZR1 tires, shock absorbers modified as well as modified interior with sports seats and “ABT” labels.

Audi RS4-R Avant “Police” will also be produced in a limited series of only 50 units.

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