Demi Lovato

A few days ago, the renowned singer, Demi Lovato, ended up in the hospital after a heroine overdose, and as her health status seems to have improved, the singer has decided to talk about this situation.

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The 25-year-old musician chose to poste a script on social networks, repeating once again her addiction to drugs, while saying that leaving it is not simple.

“I’ve always been transparent about addiction. What I’ve learned is that this disease is not something that disappears over time, it’s something I have to go through and I have not done yet, “she writes.

Lovato is expected to leave the hospital in the coming days and be placed in a rehabilitation center for further treatment.

Demi Lovato has had problems in recent years due to narcotics abuse. In June she discovered that she had been turned this habit after six years of living the drug.

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