X3 M Competition by AC Schnitzer
X3 M Competition by AC Schnitzer

BMW’s X3 M Competition sports car has been “trained” by renowned AC Schnitzer, a car modification company.

The “treatment” from this company includes the new package for aerodynamics, engine reinforcement, modified shock absorbers, sports exhaust system and modified interior.

AC Schnitzer for this sports SUV has selected extra spoilers and rear spoilers, new 20- to 22-inch alloy wheels with 255/45 R20 and 265/45 R20 tires. 265/35 R22 and 275/35 R22, new exhaust system, modified shock absorbers (now this SUV is lower by 20-25 mm), as well as modified interior, which now has the AC Schnitzer steering wheel ”, Details of aluminum, sport pedals and new carpets.

Also, the AC Schnitzer for this X3 M Competition also offers its 3.0-liter twin-turbo 6-cylinder powertrain package at 600 hp. The company will also be offering the BMW X3 M standard powertrain package, but details have yet to be revealed.

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