Apple will not produce iPhone in US, despite President Trump's demands
Apple will not produce iPhone in US, despite President Trump's demands

“Remember, Apple makes their products in China,” Trump said at a press conference a few weeks ago. “I told Tim Cook, a friend of mine, to produce your product in the US. Build great, beautiful factories that continue for miles. Build them in the US. I like it better…”

While Apple‘s idea of ​​producing their own phones in the US seems pretty nice, it ignores a host of logistical problems and economic realities that make it nothing less than a dream. Not only would US-based production significantly increase production costs, the necessary fitting parts can not often be found in sufficient quantities outside of China.

“China has put a great focus on production,”Cook said in the 60 Minutes interview. “The United States, over time, began to stop having such professional skills. You can get any creative tool in the United States and maybe you can put it in a room like this where we are currently. In China, there may be as many football fields as possible.”

Simply put, Apple has no plans to produce the iPhone in the US, despite the demands of Donald Trump.

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