Artificial intelligence manages to read the mind

Artificial intelligence has been able to read the mind of another computer, a first step towards a scenario where machines can co-operate with each other, according to a project whose results are published in the science journal ‘Science’.

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Artificial intelligence manages to read the mind

The company created by “Google” to develop artificial intelligence technologies, “DeepMind” has developed the “ToMnet” project and introduced it to Stockholm at the International Conference on Machine Learning.

Realized under Neil Rabinowitz, the project “ToMnet” is based on three “neurons” networks, more specifically networks that mimic the brain organization, each one being able to learn from experience.

To train artificial intelligence “ToMnet” to predict other machine behaviors, researchers have used a virtual game that is based on three categories of characters moving into a room to collect colored objects, writes atd.

These categories of characters consisted of blind characters that followed the road along the walls, myopia moving to the closest objects and super-visually appealing characters that captured objects using strategies in a certain order to gain more points.

After doing some workouts, the system managed to identify all the characters and correctly predict the behaviors of each of them.

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