iPhone 11 Pro Discoveri Solarius
iPhone 11 Pro Discoveri Solarius

Saving money on a new iPhone is quite difficult, and especially for this pricey smartphone, while for someone with a high income, may also order it with an extra, which will costs 63,000 euros and is gold.

Caviar is the renowned iPhone cover modification company that created the iPhone 11 Pro Discoveri Solarius, which has half kilo of gold and 137 diamonds.

In the middle of this work, there is a special clock, as well as a yellow stone that is called as the Sun stone. Until, all the work is based on the influence that the Sun has on our lives.

caviar iPhone 11 Pro

Although it is a 900 euro iPhone 11 Pro, with 64GB capacity, it should cost 63 thousand euros, while for the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512 GB, one thousand euros more should be paid.

Those interested in cheaper products from Caviar can order other covers from Caviar that cost from 7,200 to 7500 euros and are cheaper than Solarius.

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