Audi accepts a fine of 800mln euros for breaches of emissions

The German giant AUDI production have today accepted the $800m fine for emission from emission rules for some of their V6 and V8 engines. Volkswagen‘s luxury branch said the issue is already closed, at least in Germany.

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“After examinations, Audi has accepted the fine and will not appeal against it. With this Audi accepts its responsibility for deviations from the requirements of the regulation, “said the company’s statement.

According to findings after investigations of German prosecutors, the violations concerned the monitoring of carbon emissions and the approved engine power, which were neglected by the company’s organizational unit.

It was also noted that the company had failed to find that the AUDI EA288 (Generation 3) engines in the US and Canada were produced, advertised and featured with an impenetrable electronic program since 2004.

Though the fine is substantial, Audi and VW are reportedly satisfied that another scandal has quickly clothed with justice. In June the Volkswagen company fined 1 billion euros in Germany for impenetrable electronic programs on its TDI engines. While Daimler, Mercedes-Benz car makers are also in the same turbocharger pot with diesel engines.

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