Beginner Driver's Guide: What To Do If You Get Pulled Over For Speeding,

Worried about being Pulled Over? Don’t Sweat! 

Imagine yourself driving around with your radio on full blast listening to your favorite track. You get so caught up in the beat that you end up pushing your foot a bit too hard on the gas. Next thing you know, there’s a siren flashing and the sound on a speaker asking you to pull over.

Many thoughts will whiz through your mind. Where do you pull over? Should you just press the brakes right away? Should you pull out your papers before you come to halt? Many drivers have experienced anxiety the first time they have been asked to pull over by the police. Unless you enjoy getting traffic fines which we are sure you don’t, read along on what steps to take if you are in a similar situation. 

Calm Down

The police are generally doing their duty to make sure that all drivers are safe on their road. The first thing you need to do is to calm yourself down quickly by taking a few deep breaths and pull aside on a safe curb where you can park. They are not necessarily looking to give you a speeding ticket and may just let you off with a warning. Interact politely with the officer and respect their profession. Acknowledge them using respectful terms and listening calmly to what they are asking you before jumping to excuses. In many countries, being disrespectful to the police is taken as an offense. 

Respond Honestly

The police might need to know if you have been drinking or running away from a crime scene. They will ask you such questions to ascertain the reason for the speeding. They will also ask you to show your documents which are essential to confirm your identity. Do not convey irritation and do not lie. By co-operating and being respectful with the officer you will make the situation easier to handle. Let them take charge of the information needed and reply only to those. 

Contesting a Ticket

If you are given a ticket, you can make sure you take down all the information on where you have to report and when. If you plan to contest the speeding ticket and disagree with the officer, it is best to hold off. You can do so in court and make your side of the case heard. At the same time do not say any statements that will incriminate you as guilty. You can also hire legal experts to help you assist with the same. By protesting or being rude to the officer, you will make the situation worse. It is best advised to be courteous.

Things to Do After You Get a Ticket

If you plan to contest your speeding tickets, take some time after the incident to write down all the details that occurred. Make a note of the date, time, the speed you were driving at, and where you got pulled over. Recollect your conversation with the officer to make sure you have not admitted being guilty. Also, research and have a good answer to support why the speeding ticket should be waived off.

Being pulled off isn’t the best experience of a lifetime and can even be a scary one. However, you are calm and deal with it in a professional manner, you may just change it into a learning experience. 

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