Best 123Movies Alternatives
Top 25+ Similar Sites Like 123Movies: Best 123Movies Alternatives (2020)

You will find hundreds of online websites that do promises free movies in good quality, but deliver nothing and just ads and malware. 123Movies has been one of the most popular free movie and TV Shows streaming site among the users providing tons of video content from different genres. But on 19 march, 2018, peoples behind 123Movies announced the shut down of the website. Even there are same domains like 123Movies, many peoples complain that this sites are very slow with to many ads and with non HD video content. But are there any best alternatives to 123Movies site on the internet? After hours of digging and searching online about similar sites like 123Movies of 2020, we come up with this list of top 25+ best alternatives sites like 123Movies of 2020 that we have tested than personally.

NOTE: Due to copyright stands and also due to frequent domain takedown and new domains released, we are not making any links to the following websites. However, you can do a simple google search and obtain the latest working URLs. But we are going to give the working domain at the time writing the article not as an direct link.

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What Is 123Movies?

After its launch around 2015, 123Movies has reached about 100 million users during its peak. But unfortunately for its visitors and its owners, the website was shut down by Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) on March, 2018. The original website url isn’t working anymore, but beside that, its spirit lives through 123Movies mirrors links that will be listed below. They’re quality is not equal to the original 123Movies website and you will find may ads, links leading to malicious websites, movies that doesn’t load and so on.

For these reasons, many 123Movies lovers have moved to other sites, and we do also suggest to you to check these 123Movies Alternatives shared below to find your favorite online movie streaming.

123Movies Mirrors

Below there are some 123Movies mirrors websites. At the time we are writing the article, all the links shared below are accessible and working. If possible, always us an mirror that offers an SSL connection so your ISP (internet service provider) want monitor your activity.


Are 123Movies and Alternatives to 123Movies Sites Legal and Safe to Use?

The legality of sites like 123Movies depends form different countries by they’re local laws and different countries have different approach. 123Movies and sites similar to 123Movies hosts ilegal and copyrighted content, that’s the main reasons that this type of websites gets shut down by Governments and they access gets blocked bu IPS.

In some countries streaming these type of content in not regulated in any way, but in other countries like United States or Germany, steaming of this type of content is not legal.

Top 25+ Sites Like 123Movies | Best 123Movies Alternatives (2020)

So saying all the below, if you are looking for high-quality free movie streaming online, you are on the right place. Here, in the article below, we will share to you the list of top best free movie and TV shows streaming sites of 2020 like 123Movies.

The List includes the sites that offers 100% free streaming and also some of then offer streaming even in HD. Some 123Movies alternatives may be even better than 123Movies.

Our list of Best Similar Sites Like 123Movies of 2020

However, as there are hundred sites similar to 123Movies over the internet our goal is to find the best alternative to 123Movies. So follow the article below of 25+ best similar sites like 123Movies to find the your best alternative. The websites shared below are randomly, so make sure to check then all and find you loved 123Movies Alternative of 2020.

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#1. Putlocker

Putlocker provides hundreds of Movies and TV Shows Online with a huge database. This movie streaming site has become many popular in the recent years. You can stream movies in full screen and with a good quality which makes it a good alternative to 123Movies.

Putlocker is in this game of the free movies streaming platforms for a long time now. Is one of the best and most popular streaming site available for every users around the world. Putlocker is fully free, no any sing up are required and has a very few to no ads, so you will have a great experience streaming movies. Also the movies comes in high-quality with some of then even in full HD 1080p.

Putlocker Website:

Putlocker – 123Movies Alternatives

#2. Vumoo

Vumoo is one of the best alternatives to 123Movies. The site offers a huge collection of video content including Movies and TV Shows that are free to stream online. It has a friendly UI which makes it easy to navigate through the content and find your favorites ones.

Vumoo is one of the most loved among the movie-fans. You can watch form movies to TV Shows on Vumoo at any time and you want miss anything cos the website gets updated frequently as soon as new movies are released.

Vumoo Website:

Vumoo – Best 123Movies Alternatives

#3. Yes!Movies

Comes with a huge database fewer ads and fast streaming speed which makes it a great  123Movies alternative. The content is updated frequently and you will find movies from different genres and countries. The website comes with a friendly UI that makes it easy to navigate through content and find you favorite one. Yes!Movies if 100% free and maybe better than 123Movies.

Yes!Movies Website:

Yes!Movies – 123Movies Alternatives

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#4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix offers everything you need related to Movies and TV Shows. You can sort videos from different categories to easily find you favorites ones. The content is updated frequently and you can even download they app to stream content on any device.

The site offers also an Android app which allow users to watch they favorite content to they’re Android device. Popcornflix packs a wide variety of TV Shows and movies in High quality to stream for free at any time. The discovery page is a great way to find new content for watching!

Popcornflix Website:

Popcornflix – 123Movies Alternatives

#5. Rainierland

Rainierland is a great site like 123Movies with a very easy UI. The navigation through the site is very simple and you can easily find your favorite content to watch for free. The popularity of the site is growing daily and the content provided here is updated frequently. for some movies you will find also alternate available servers.

Rainierland Website:

Rainierland – 123Movies Alternatives

#6. IceFilms

IceFilms is a great alternative to 123Movies with a big collections of video content that is updated daily. You will find all the old and the latest released movies divided by different categories. Also you will see what’s trading on that time and the best thing is that you don’t need to create an account to stream Movies and TV Shows.

Besides the old and classic movies, you will always find the newest released movies and you may search then by genres, country, years or IMDB ratings. To see what’s trending at the time you’re visiting IceFilms you can visit the featured movies section.

IceFilms Website:

IceFilms – 123Movies Alternatives

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#7. VexMovies

Vexmovies is jet another good alternative and the best thing is that the site does not display any ads. You have also the option to change the resolution up to 1080p. The site is compatible with mobile devices so you can stream all your favorite content for free from and device.

VexMovies has a large contents of movies and TV Shows to stream online for free and you can find your favorite ones by using the advanced filters that VexMovies offers. If you love watching movies, this site is best for you!

Vexmovies Website:

Vexmovies – Best 123Movies Alternatives

#8. Niter

Niter is another 123Movies alternative to watch for free Movies and TV Shows online. The site has a clear UI and the content is updated as soon as a new movie is released. However, you will need to create an account in order to be able to stream your favorite content. All the latest released movies are displayed in the homepage.

Niter comes up with a very friendly and simple user interface. It has the latest and any type of movies to watch like Action, Comedy and Family to watch all free. Niter comes also with categories of the latest news and all-time updates latest movies in this site.

Niter Website:

Niter – Best 123Movies Alternatives

#9. Los Movies

Los Movies is another great 123Movies alternative and deserve to be on this list. You will find tons of movies and TV Shows to stream for free. The UI is very clear and simple so you will easily find your favorite content. The content is updated when new movies are released which makes Los Movies a great site.

Los Movies hacks an huge collection of 2000-page-long movies and TV Shows. To make it simple you can short the content by Date Added, by Ratings, by Release Date or by Featured. The only drawback are the may pop-up ads that may trick you to other suspicious website, so our best advice is to install an ad-blocker.

Los Movies Website:

Los Movies
Los Movies – 123Movies Alternatives

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#10. WatchFree

As the name says WatchFree provides movies and TV shows to watch for free. The good thing is that you don’t need to create an account on WatchFree website to stream your favorite content. The Website provides external links to other sources and does not has its own database. The simple and really easy UI (user interface) lets you to find any moves without any lagging.

WatchFree Website:

WatchFree – 123Movies Alternatives

#11. Couch Tuner

If you are looking for a great alternative to 123Movies then Couch Tuner is the right place. The site has few ads which makes it a good place to watch your favorites content for free. Here you can find any show that is online even cartons or even Reality Shows.

The site comes up with a large high-quality collection of movies and TV Shows for its users. This website is one of the top online free streaming sites that is visited by hundreds of peoples cos of it’s high quality content it offers. You will find a large catalog of collection in HD format with a few to no ads. If you are a movie fan, CouchTuner got you covered.

Couch Tuner Website:

CouchTuner – 123Movies Alternatives

#12. GoMovies

GoMovies is another alternative to 123Movies that allows you to watch movies online or even download then. In terms of layout GoMovies is like 123Movies and provides a large contents of Movies and TV Shows. You will find all the latest released movies on the homepage also you can browse through different categories to find your favorite content.

If you are looking to watch the latest new released movies, than GOMovies got you covered, the only problem with the new added movies may be in low-quality. You can even download than and watch offline at another time, the only drawback may be the the presence of some ads.

GoMovies Website:

GoMovies – 123Movies Alternatives

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#13. has a quite different look and its quite different from the other alternatives to 123Movies shared here. Best thing is that the video content shared here are in HD quality. The site has some pop-up ads but the streaming is fast and you will find comfortable here. while you hover the cursor over the movie, you will be showcased all the details like the duration, the characters etc. The watching experience is great co the website load if faster. Website Link: – 123Movies Alternatives

#14. Zmovies

Zmovies can’t be ignored and is a good alternative to 123Movies. The site has a large database of movies and TV Shows that is updated regularly. The sites does not requires a sing up but to access all the features you will need an account.

Zmovies Website:

Zmovies – 123Movies Alternatives

#15. 123Movieshub

123Movieshub as a great alternative to 123Movies comes as a free movies and TV shows search engine. This site, like the others, keep changing they domain to be able to stay online.

123Movieshub Website:

123Movieshub – 123Movies Alternatives

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#16. WoloWtube

Basically WoloWtube is a website to find sites where to watch movies so you can use it as a search engine to find movies you like. This is one of the best sites to stream online the most recent movies for free.

WoloWtube Website:

WolowTube – 123Movies Alternatives

#17. Snagfilms

Snagfilms is yet another great site to watch free content online. The site has a simple UI that offer a good user experience to the users. Snagfilms has a large database of Movies for you to stream without any cost.

It has a huge catalog of over 10,000 videos that can be sorted by genre, most reviewed, recently added and most popular. They have their movie APP to and support different platforms. SnagFilms will be your favorite site to watch free movies online. You may find less collection on movies as compared to the other shared above but you can enjoy watching than in high-quality.

Snagfilms Website:

SnagFilms – 123Movies Alternatives

#18. offers unlimited video content for free to watch at any time. You will need to crate an account and than you get access to hundreds of Movies and TV shows that are updated regularly. The streaming is fast and there are no ads which makes a great alternative to 123Movies. The navigation is easy and at the homepage you will find the latest released, top rated, genre, alphabet, released year etc. If sorting isn’t helping, try the search box by directly typing the name on the movie! Website: – 123Movies Alternatives

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#19. CMovies

CMovies is yet another alternative to 123Movies but you will find many ads so an ad-blocker is recommended. On the other side the site is totally free to watch movies and it has a friendly UI. If you hover the mouse over a movie you will find many details related to that movie.

CMovies is one of the best Movies and TV show provider website. Movie lovers can watch and discover latest movies and classic movies for free. Right at the homepage there are showcased all the latest popular movies that you can explore, or you can search for the classic ones also.

CMovies  Website:

CMovies HD
CMovies HD

#20. Bmovies

Bmovies is yet another great source to stream free content online without the need of creating an account. The stream and the quality of the video is good but you will find many ads here so a ad-blocker will be great. As for the categorization the site is categorized by country, ratings, most watched, Year released and Genre to easily find you favorites.

The site is well organized and very simply to navigate and find your favorite content to watch. You can use the Bmovies’ search bar or categorize than by year-release or name. BMovies its not limited to any Hollywood or English movie content.

Bmovies Website:

Bmovies – 123Movies Alternatives

#21. Movie4u

Movie4u comes with a competitive screen resolution and a well organised UI. You can sort movies by genre, date or country. Is recommended to download the movies as the site may be quite unstable and it changes frequently its domain.

By clicking on TOP IMDB category, you will be shown other features like genre, release year, most viewed etc, at the sidebar. You have also the option to stream the content alphabetically.

Movie4u Website:

Movie4u – 123Movies Alternatives

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#22. 5movies

5movies  generally is a search engine movie site to search you favorites movies just by typing the title in the search bar. If you need a premium tool to find movies, this site is the place. You will find content from more than 10+ year old. 5Movies may be an better alternative to 123Movies.

5movies Website:

5movies – 123Movies Alternatives

#23. WatchFree

It may not be as popular as the sites shared above, but WatchFree is really an great 123Movies alternative cos it runs really fast and features an great collections of movies form different genres. You may find movies that are released here before you will see then on the other websites, which mean that its owners ore dedicated to make this site better. The only drawbacks may be the annoying pop-up ads when you start the move, but thankfully there are many pop-up blocker fro that.

WatchFree Website:

WatchFree – 123Movies Alternatives

#24. Primewire

Primewire provides a huge content of online media, even music, that are ready to stream directly from your web browser. Is absolutely on of the best and most popular Movie Streaming Site to watch unlimited video content online.

Movies at Primewire are available in multiple video resolution to fit you device resolution or your internet connection. Users of this site gives an rate of mirrors links based on they quality so its a great feature to see which mirrors links works best and which of then you should avoid.

Primewire Website:

Primewire – 123Movies Alternatives

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#25. SolarMovies

SolarMovie also considered one of the best 123Movies alternatives. Since it simple interface, you can easily search and get your favorite movies and TV shows on the site and watch them in high quality. You will see all the latest and popular content on the home page.

Directly at SolarMovie website you will see which movies are trending, which have the best ratings and which have been viewed the most during the day. These features are what makes SolarMovie one of the most liked movies streaming services among others. If you like to create an account, then they will be some other features to you like make a list of your favorites, request movies, and other features. SolarMovie also provides all the details related to the movie like IMDB rating, description, keywords and more.

SolarMovie Website:

SolarMovie – 123Movies Alternatives

#26. LookMovie

Yet another great option to watch Movies and TV Shows for free without signup and downloading than like 123Movies is LookMovie. The UI (user interface) is very simple and eye-catching divided under filter, latest, genres, movies and TV Shows category. Right at the movie showcase you will be know the video quality and its IMDB rating.

LookMovie Website:

LookMovie – 123Movies Alternatives

#27. Moonline

If you want to watch HD movies and top IMDB movies, than that’s for what Moonline is known for. This sites hosts interesting collections of movies to watch at any time for free and without any sign up process. This site is dedicated only to movies. The database gets updated as soon and new released movies come in HD. You can search you favorite content to stream based on genres or released year.

You can browse through movies by IMDB rating, by release year and by genres. All movies at Moonline are in High video quality (720p and 1080p) and the site offers two video sources along with its trailer.

Moonline Webisite:

Moonline – 123Movies Alternatives

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So these are our suggestions of top best 25+similar sites like 123Movies or best 123Movies alternatives of 2020. We suggest you to tray all of than to find your favorite one. If you have any other alternative to 123Movies, please let us know in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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