Best Explainer Video Creator
Best Explainer Video Creator

Let’s have a look at Best Explainer Video Creator Software that we have selected from user ratings, reviews and some of our personal experience. So have a look at the complete guide below.


Videos are the great way to convey any kind of message or emotions to others those who view it. Through the multiple transitions and the added audio clips can transform any static view to the exceptional art that is actually the most better form of entertainment. While the whole entertainment world is also based on the videos, and they spend millions to make the movies, videos etc. This is not easy to create any good looking videos out of the box and even for the simplest looking videos, there have been an advanced tech savvy techniques used. Wait for a second, all those guys those who are looking for the quick as a well easy way to create any videos, they can do this now. Mysimpleshow is the best drag and drop explainer video creator that can make the heavy video editing tasks by itself while giving you the professional class output only. Here in this article, we will be talking about the working of my simple how software and its in-depth functions so that any beginner could be able to utilize it. So let’s get started with the article, read the article till the end so that you can master the full options and working with this instant video creator.

Best Explainer Video Creator Software

Below we had selected some of the best apps according to user ratings, download rates and some of our personal experience. So have a look at these apps below.

#1 Biteable

This is the option in my simple how that actually asks the user some questions which can then be crafted into an amazing storyline. The intelligent algorithm inside this software makes the awesome stories based on your answers. Simply add the answers to the fields and click on the submit option so as to reveal the amazing storyline for your upcoming video.

#2 RawShorts

This is the tool that I personally used to create some pro videos that lots of users liked. If you are not satisfied with the story suggested by my Simpl show then you can use this option to write your own story. You must be knowing about the basis of the storyline that can be able to give the whole direction to the video. Again in this option, you will have to write the story inside the fields only.

#3 MySimpleShow

The app that works exactly same as its name. Now visualizing the video is required after you have done with the writing of the video script. Using this tool you can convert scratch crafted videos are visualized for the errors and misplacements which can be easily modified such that the expert class video output is obtained in the final results.

#4 Powtoon

This is another well-known brand that is known for creating explainer videos, you can use the tool to create some amazing explainer videos that you surely gonna love. You can use their ready-made templates to create a high-quality Powtoon that is cartoony explainer videos.

#5 Wideo

The last but not the least. This is the easiest Online Video Software to create Marketing, Promo, and Explainer videos in minutes with +80 Templates, So you can easily create some professional videos that you can share all around, So must try out this app in your device.

This software can be able to help the users for creating the videos that would look really awesome while you need to notice that the videos do require the good clips too. Ok! fine it was just for your information, so let’s get started using my simple how now for the creation of the amazing quality videos. Finally, this was all about the article and we believe that you can be able to use the software with all this information. We hope that you would have liked this article, if this is true then you can also share this article further. For any sort of queries or to provide your valuable opinions related to this article just go to the comments sections!


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