The office phone system has become the synonym of utility and cost-effectiveness. They have gained such a remarkable place for them in the operating system of a business that no one thinks to exist without its backing.

Virtual phone system surprises a business in many ways. Whether it is providing a unified communication point or allowing your customers to call without any call charges, it is a key to success for small business.

However, one can be assured for all this only if you choose the best online phone number for your small business. Not every ordinary VoIP system has the power to increase customer satisfaction and revenue figures.  Only the top one has all these capabilities.

Choosing the best office phone system for your business is going to be tricky in the year 2019 as the market is flooded with various options with each claiming to be best. Regardless of those claims, you have to be extra vigil and pay attention to certain factors while choosing a virtual phone system for your business.

What needs to be done to pick the best virtual phone system for your business?

First thing first that needs to do before you are going to get the best online phone number for your business is to ask these questions to yourself.

  •    How many lines are required for your business?
  •    What is the suite of modules that your chosen one virtual phone system offer?
  •    Is the office phone number comes with easy adaptability?
  •    Can the online phone number weave the success of your business?
  •    How much is the affordability of the toll-free number?

Asking all these questions beforehand is important to be au fait with your exact need and make a conscious purchase. When you make a conscious purchase, you are surely going to get the best office phone number for your business.  Once you get the answers to all these questions and understand what exactly is required, it’s time to make a purchase. To make the buying a hassle-free and beneficial step, we have come up with a list of newsmaker virtual phone system that are the best bets for small businesses.


One of the most famed names in online phone number industry, CallHippo is surely the paramount service provider.  With CallHippo, you can get an online phone number of more than 190 countries over a single platform. Its tailor-made VoIP packages have been designed to make it the best fit for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

It is an excellent cloud-based toll-free number service provider that helps you to gain your customers’ confidence. The toll-free numbers offered by CallHippo are actually three-digit codes number that doesn’t ask for any call charges from your customers for each call made to you.  Usually, toll-free numbers come in 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844 codes. Out of all these codes, 800 is the most common one. Apart from this, you can easily get a vanity number as well.

Benefits of CallHippo

  •    Great flexibility and mobility.
  •    Low-cost plans.
  •    Highly feature rich.
  •    Mobile app for on-the-go functionality.

Key point – CallHippo offers great integration with almost every single platform including Zendesk, Slack, Zoho CRM Plus, Zapier, Groove HQ, and so on. No other office phone service platform offers such commendable integration.


8*8 is another major online phone number service provider that is best suited for small scale businesses.  Its virtual phone number service is available only in 45 countries. The HD voice quality offered by 8*8 makes your business communication clear and precise.

Benefits of 8*8

  •    Easy troubleshoot facility.
  •    Great customer support.

Key points – It has 140 patents for communication innovation on its name.


Mitel offers call center software solutions to small businesses at an affordable cost. With the help of this office phone system, one can easily establish one unified communication system for its business.

Benefits of Mitel

  •    Varied communication system options including Digital, SIP, IP, and Wireless desk phones.
  •    Instant messaging.
  •    Mobile teleworking.

Key point – you can do audio, video and web conference with the help of Mitel at an affordable cost.

Lily Comms

Lily Comms is a UK based online phone number service provider. From hardware to software, it offers everything and anything related to toll-free phone numbers under one roof.

Benefits of Lily Comms

  •    Low SIP trunk call rates.
  •    Offers own mobile tariff facility.
  •    High bandwidth is suitable for heavy applications.

Key Point – As an independent provider, you can get internet connectivity for your office phone system with Lily Comms.

There is no second opinion that the office phone system is like oxygen for any business. Choose them wisely and relish over their uncountable benefits.


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