FirstOne TV Alternatives

FirstOne TV Alternatives: Top 5+ Best Similar Sites Like FirstOne TV (2020)

If you loved FirstOne TV, one of the top websites to watch live TV for free, than unfortunately due to some legal issues this site has discontinued they services. The top reasons why this site become very popular and much loved among its users were the FirstOneTV Sports and FirstOneTV Live streaming channels. FirstOneTV packed more than 1000 Live TV Channels form more than 40 countries which were all free for watching live TV form different devices. But after the sad news about the discontinue of its services, TV lovers are searching for some good alternatives to FirstOneTV or some best similar sites like FirstOneTV.

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What Is FirstOneTV?

FirstOneTV was the juice of many free Live TV lovers few years ago cos it allowed free streaming of many Live TV Channels form different countries. You may find many sites to watch live TV for free in today reality, like may Free Live TV Apps, Free Sports Streaming websites, websites to watch free movies online, etc. that we covered in our previews articles here in our blog. So there are different option for different things, but what if you want the whole package at one place? That’s where FirstOneTV come to help. But its shutdown permanently effected many peoples around the globe, especially those form Europe who loved watching free TV Channels. For these reason, after hours searching and digging online, we come up with this list of top best 5+ Firstonetv alternatives or similar sites like Firstonetv of 2020, to help you continue watching Live TV Channels online for free in 2020.

According to statistics on they website, around 500,000 individuals each day were using FirstOneTV to access movies and TV Shows form different channels.

Why FirstOneTV is not working anymore?

According to they’re statement on the website: FirstOne TV has discontinued his service. It wasn’t possible to offer you this service in a legal way without to disrupt copyright holders. Therefore this service is now closed finally. So for infringing of copyright laws they are unable to provide free TV Channels anymore. Due to this reason they have decided to shut down they service so at this point the best option for all TV geeks is searching for some best FirstOneTV alternatives or some top similar sites like FirstOneTV to continue watching free live TV Channels in 2020.

Our list of Top 5+ best Sites like FirstOneTV of 2020

So here are our selection of top first one tv alternatives of 2020 you should consider if you want to continue watching Free TV Channels form different categories like movie channels, sports channels, news channels etc. The sites shared below are random so make sure to check that all and find your favorite FirstOne TV alternative.

#1. TkList

TKlist is a very popular website to watch free live TV Channels online from different devices. Just like FirstOne TV, you can watch Live TV Channels form your PC, Tabled, Mobile or even form your Smart TV. TKlist website is divided into 3 main categories which includes News, Sports and UK. The website provides to you many option related to TV Channels and we did tried some of then and found to be working smoothly. Also worth mention that not all the Channels are offered in HD.

TKlist also offers some TV Channels without any ad or pop-ups. So if you are looking for the best FirstoneTV alternative, than this website is worth trying.

TKlist website:

TkList – Similar Sites Like FirstOne TV

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#2. Freeintertv

Right after FirstOneTV shutdown, many peoples moved to Freeintertv, which is very similar to it. Right at the homepage are showcased a long list (over 2800 Channels) of TV Channels available to stream for free. The website is totally free and without any limitations also you want need to install any third-party software nor any plugin. There is the option to filter the channels form genres and form country to easily find what are you searching for.

Freeintertv works well form different devices. The UI (user interface) does not look modern so the website lacks on design. It packs an old template that is not mobile-friendly. For more some country are blacklisted so a good VPN is advised if you are facing problems accessing it.

Freeintertv Website:

Freeintertv – Similar Sites Like FirstOne TV

#3. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is the top best alternative of firstonetv to stream live TV Channels for free. The top feature of Stream2Watch is that it gives multiple sources so if one server fails you will get the next best one. It packs multiple channels form different countries like US, Canada, UK, German, Spain, and may others European ones.

If you are an sports fan, than Stream2Watch has an dedicated sports streaming channels. The site is totally free and without any limitations, but you may find some annoying ads and also some links may be broken.

Stream2Watch Website:

Stream2Watch – Similar Sites Like FirstOne TV


Just do a simple search on any search engine for USTVGO and the top result is they official website. This website is the best top similar website like firstonetv of 2020 which packs an large selections for TV Channels form around the globe. Right at the homepage of this firstonetv alternative are showcased the Channels available to stream for free online. USTVGO is mainly focused on US channels so the quantity of that channels is very large compared to others TV Channels.

The Live TV Channels are offered in HD quality so you will have an TV-like experience. USTVGO is compatible with different screen devices and is the best similar website like Firstonetv if you are looking for US TV Channels mostly.

USTVGO Website:

USTVGO – Similar Sites Like FirstOne TV

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If you are looking for the top best FirstOneTV alternative than is your best option. This live TV Channels services is very similar to FirstOneTV with an huge channels form different countries and available for free worldwide. You many find many websites that claims to offer may channels but when you are on they website you will be disappointed and you will find that most off channels are broken. But this is not the case, TVPC has exactly what they state which mean huge TV Channels form United Kingdom TV to United States TV and everything in between!

The UI (user interface) if pretty simple and right at the homepage are showcased the TV Channels ale the option to filter than by Country to make the search easily. The website is divides into 3 main categories like Live TV, Sports Portal and TV Guide.

TVPC Website: – Similar Sites Like FirstOne TV

#6. Film ON

Film ON is yet another great free live TV streaming service alternative which packs a good list of TV Channels to stream online free. It comes with an good UI (user interface) which makes really easy to navigate through and for more the channels are offered in good video quality.

The TV Channels and Shows listed on Film ON are of premium quality and you will find some titles that rarely are offered in free services like Spy Next Door, Big Bang Theory, Miami Housewives etc. If you need more, you do also have the option of a premium version of this service with extended the list of TV Channels and Shows.

Film ON Website:

Film ON
Film ON – Similar Sites Like FirstOne TV

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That’s all! These are some of the best and most popular FirstOnetv alternatives to stream TV Channels online for free that we have found searching online. We advice to use an good VPN to hide your IP depending on where you live. Hope you found this article useful. If you have any other best alternative to FirstOnetv, or similar to FirstOnetv, please let us know in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


Here’s how to save WhatsApp conversations to a new number and a new phone

There is a way to change your number on WhatsApp and save your old data.

If you are planning to get a new number and phone and use WhatsApp, you do not have to give up on your existing account.

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There is a way to change your number on WhatsApp and save your old data. However, you need to follow some steps before doing so. You need to have internet access on your new phone and be able to make calls or receive text messages. You also need access to the old phone.

Here’s how to change the number on WhatsApp

Steps to do on the old phone:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click the three vertical dot icon in the upper right corner and go to “Settings
  • Click “Account
  • Click “Change Number
  • Press “NEXT
  • Enter the old and new telephone number in the appropriate fields
  • Press “NEXT
  • Verify the new number by entering the code you receive

Now if you want to transfer conversations to your new phone make a copy of them on your old phone by going to “Settings” then “Chats” next “Chat Backup” and then “Back Up.”

Then install WhatsApp on your new phone and verify the number again. Chat history will be automatically synced.

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So above we have shared some ways on how to save WhatsApp conversations to a new number and a new phone. Hope you found this article useful. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below,follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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Best Free Anime Streaming Apps-min

Top 10+ Best Free Anime Streaming Apps of 2020 (Android and iOS)

These days you will find tons of anime streaming apps over the internet. But also may of then do not match user’s expectation cos they may have limited options and do not offer smooth streaming. So, if you love watching anime content and are searching for the best anime streaming applications options to watch all your shows, today, in the article below, we are going to share our list of the top 10+ best free anime streaming apps that are both available for your iOS and Android device. If you want to watch anime from anywhere you are and at any time, all you need is you smartphone, an good internet connection and the best anime apps. Also for more some of the anime apps shared bellow offers amine contents dubbed in English and also with English Subtitles. Sounds good? All the anime apps shared below comes with they’re unique features that is not offered even in the anime streaming websites. So make sure to check then all!

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Anime Streaming

Anime streaming online is the process of watching anime content on your device, PC, Tabled, Smartphone etc, that does not has the actual video file. Its an media streaming that you don’t need to download the file locally but instead you stream it online directly form your device.

New anime are regularly being released so may be catchy to you finding where to watch all the latest released anime series. Lucky for you, now you can use your smartphone to catch your favorites anime episodes from these best free anime apps shared below.

Top 10+ Best Free Anime Streaming Apps of 2020 (Android and iOS)

Anime comes from Japanese and means animations. The first publicly displayed anime was back in 1917 and since then this type of industry has expanded steadily globally. Now-days this type of industry counts more than 430 productions studios and has gain an great success after the introduction of they content in English-dubbed and English-subbed.

Our List of 10+ Best Anime Streaming Apps of 2020 For your Android and iOS Device

You may find tons of anime platform websites to stream anime for free, but below we will list the top free anime streaming applications which they provide great user-view experience right at your mobile device. The free anime streaming apps shared below are randomly, so make sure to check than all and find your best anime streaming app!

#1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming apps recommended and used by millions of anime fans around the world. It packs an large selections of streaming content with more than 25,000 episodes. One best feature is that Crunchyroll also do provides subtitled and dubbed video content. The app is free, but if you want an ad-free experience you may need a membership plan.

Crunchyroll is the best app to watch anime online for free from your mobile device. You will find an large collections of the new and the classic anime series. The subtitles are provided in different languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Arabic. Also the video quality at Crunchyroll is very good and all the anime that are in this platform are in High-Quality. The app is nicely designed and pretty easy to use and we do recommend using Crunchyroll to watch anime online for free.

Download  (Android iOS)

Crunchyroll – Free Anime Streaming Apps

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#2. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is another top source to watch all the popular anime shows and top anime hits for free. The platform is said that it was made by the fans. The content is provided in high video quality, packs thousand of episodes and they database gets updated every week with new ones.

Download (Android iOS)

AnimeLab – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#3. Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is another free and legal anime streaming app to watch all your animated films for free directly form you mobile device. This app is very popular and used by thousands of users to watch any popular anime and any animated movies for free. The app also provides a premium membership that offers great features like accessing new episodes instantly after their release, use the app without any pop-up ads, get access to exclusive data, and many more.

Download (Android | iOS)

Naruto Shippuden
Naruto Shippuden – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#4. Tubi

Tubi is yet another great app to watch movies, TV Shows and a large collection of anime in High-Quality. It has an amazing UI (user interface) in a dark theme to protect your eyes in the dark. You do also have the options to choose form different video quality according to your need and also the option to add subtitles.

The option to save the videos to your phone, to watch than later, is another great feature of Tubi and the only drawback may be the ads that prompts during the video watch. To end, Tubi TV app is an amazing app that gives high-quality video content for free.

Download (Android | iOS)

Tubi – Free Anime Streaming Apps

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#5. Anistream

Anistream is yet another great anime platform to stream all your favorites anime shows. This is an very popular free anime streaming app the provides high-quality content and where you will find all types of anime. The new anime shows are uploaded as soon as they get they public expression. The user experience is very great and you can enjoy watching anime without any interruption.

At Anistream app you will find all types an anime shows for free form cartoon, otaku, comics, anime fanz to manga masters etc. You can search you favorite anime show easily by browsing through the different categories and watch then for free.

Download (Android)

Anistream – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#6. Animega Anime TV

Animega is another great alternative for all the anime lovers. The app is being developed by Animega. Inc and you can stream for free all the anime shows form the different categories. But not only, this app will let you watch fun-made anime videos and listen to anime music.

Animega comes with an simple and easy UI (user interface) and offers some great features like creating your anime list, a favorites list, etc.

Download (Android)

Animega – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#7. Funimation Now

Funimation is another great free anime streaming app to watch all your latest anime shows and they previous seasons for free. At this platform you will find all the popular anime shows like Dr Stone, Dragon Ball Super in English dubbed and subbed. The interface is pretty easy and you are going to love it.

Funimation offers they content in HD quality and packs some great features like adding anime to your favorite list or search for you favorite anime show manually. This app is one of my favorites platform to watch anime online for free.

Download (Android iOS)

Funimation Now
Funimation Now – Free Anime Streaming Apps

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#8. Viewster

Viewster is another great free app to watch anime videos, documentaries, science-fictions, gaming etc. You can start watching you favorite anime shows directly without the need of any signup. Viewster also provides HD anime videos and has the option to follow your favorite channels to get future updates. The app in not limited to anime only, but within the platform you will find movies, TV Shows etc. Also another great feature of Viewster is the option to watch anime series and movies with of without subtitles.

Download (Android)

Viewster – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#9. Wakanim

Wakanim is another great alternative and an good platform to watch anime online for free form you iOS or Android device. The app packs some classic and new anime series that are translated by professionals and are offered in good quality.

Wakanim also supports different platforms like computer, smartphone or even your Xbox One. You can simply find you anime show searching by popularity or by its genre. This is an new free anime streaming app and really an great platform!

Download (Android | iOS)

Wakanim – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#10. Kitsu

Is yet another popular free anime streaming app to watch anime online. Is has an simple and beautiful design that loads fast on you mobile device. You can watch anime directly to the app without going to external sites. Keep in mind that Kitsu features are limited only to US users so you will need an VPN to access it from other countries.

Directly at the homepage you will see the latest added episodes with they’re name, the cover, their description and average ratings of every anime. You can search for you favorite anime by directly searching using the search feature or by using different filters. Kitsu is really the perfect app is you need an free anime streaming app with a loot of great features.

Download (Android | iOS)

Kitsu – Free Anime Streaming Apps

#11. JPAnime

JPAnime offers access to hundreds of anime shows as soon as they releases and is an totally free anime streaming app. The app has all the anime series you are looking and provides different sources to choose form. The drawback of JPAnime may be that the app does not provides a loot of dubbed anime.

The app has an great interface and has a loot of great reviews. So if you are looking for a free anime app that will allow you to download your favorites anime shows, JPAnime is the one that you most tray!

Download (Android | iOS)

JPAnime – Free Anime Streaming Apps

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That’all! With this articles we tried to do our best on finding the top free anime streaming apps of 2020 to watch all your favorites anime shows online for free. Depending on your region, we strongly advice to you to use a good VPN to avoid problems. Hope you found this article useful! If you have any favorite app that you use to watch anime for free, please let us now in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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Tips in Hiring Musical Entertainment for a Corporate Event

Becoming successful today in the corporate world is a severe accomplishment. When your business does grow successful, it is but customary to hold a yearly corporate event. This corporate event would be a gathering of all your shareholders and stakeholders, your employees and your most loyal clients. However, this gathering of people will only be a called a meeting without an essential ingredient added to the mix – the musical entertainment.

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The Australian Music Company has a wide variety of musicians, from live bands to DJs, to provide musical entertainment to your corporate events. Your choice of musical entertainment provider will mostly depend on the following:

What Vibe Do You Want to Create?

Music sets the tone to any corporate event. Music lets guests know the type of experience that they are going to expect. When a live band plays chill jazz the whole event, it communicates to your guests that they should relax, have a cocktail, and communicate with your fellow peers. When you hire a DJ spinning hip-hop music, it tells your guests to get up on the dance floor and let loose.

If your ultimate goal in setting up the corporate event is for your guests to talk to one another and increase their network, then you can hire a live band that plays soft music such as jazz and ballads. However, if you want your guests to enjoy themselves, then you can hire loud rock bands or DJs.

How Much Do You Want to Spend? 

A full band has more people in it and has more equipment needed to set up. Therefore, it makes sense that a live band is more expensive than hiring a DJ. You have to check your budget and decide on how much you are willing to pay for your musical entertainment. It is also important to determine how long your event will last. The longer the event, the more expensive hiring a live band will be.

If you have a long event, you can hire both a live band and a DJ from the Australian Music Company and have them switched between sets. For example, you can have the live band plays during cocktail hours and during dinner while having the DJ play when you want your guests to let loose already. At this time, most of the business conversations are made with, and your guests are now ready to party.

Does Your Event Have an Underlying Theme?

If your event has a theme, you might want to select a band from the Australian Music Company that has the specialty for that kind of music. For example, if you are going for a Hawaiian-themed Event, then you should make sure that the band you hire knows a lot of Hawaiian or beach related songs.

Does Your Venue Have Restrictions?

Another thing to consider when hiring musical entertainment for your event is your venue. Does your place have restrictions? Do they allow loud music? Can you set up a stage for a band or are you just limited to a DJ platform? Restrictions in your venue will ultimately define your choice between a live band and a DJ.

Musicians for events are usually busy during the weekends. These are the times that they have their regular gigs. So if you have an upcoming event, it is better to contact the band or DJ’s managers or the Australian Music Company to book their musicians in advanced.


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Monetize Your Wordpress Content

6 Ways To Monetize Your WordPress Content

If Facebook will monetize even your private messaging space, your WordPress website could definitely produce more money than it does today. If it does not produce anything right now, you should get cracking and make sure it generates some profits.

So, you are having a website, you might’ve created it just for fun. You just write down your thoughts and you share them with your friends or anyone who is interested in similar topics.

You might also have a professional blog that you built together with your friends, but it got to a point where it should generate income if you want to keep it alive.

Even if you have an e-commerce website, apart from the profits you make by selling products online, you could definitely increase your revenues by monetizing your website. You might sell fishing gear and you are very popular in your niche, you could benefit from this visibility. One day, the organizer of a professional fishing competition might want to place some ads on your website or he might want to have a paid post on your blog. It’s all up to you how you monetize your traffic and visibility.

Now that we’ve got to talk a bit about your website, let’s go through some methods you should definitely use in order to monetize your website’s traffic and content.

1. Pay-per-Click Ads (Google AdSense)

This is one of the most popular methods of monetizing your website. How does this work? Basically, on each page of your website, you create places where advertisers can place their ads. The organizer of that professional fishing competition we’ve been talking about could easily occupy the space that you are willing to offer.

The question is, how do I make money? Well, there are multiple ways, here are a few methods:

  • Pay-per-Click – When you sell your ad space and use this method, an advertiser will place ads on your website. Whenever some of your users are interested in his ads and they click on them they will be redirected to his website. While doing this, you will get the fee that the advertiser auctioned. If he said he will pay $0.5 per click, then that money will get into your account. Whenever you feel, you can withdraw them into your bank account.
  • Pay-per-Mile – Even though this method is used on the same platform, it is a bit different than the first one. If you choose this method, whenever a client buys ad space from you, he will pay for his ad to be displayed 1.000 times. So, he won’t be interested in generating traffic for his website. He would be inclined to generate overall visibility for his company. That’s the difference between performance marketing and branding.
  • Pay-per-Acquisition – This last auctioning method is used in more specialized niches. Unlike the first ones, you don’t get any money when you display an ad or your user clicks on it. During this auctioning method, you get money (more than during the first ones) when a user coming from your website goes to an advertiser’s website and buys a product he sells.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to generate income out of your WordPress content.

Affiliate marketing is somehow similar to pay-per-acquisition advertising. The difference would be the fact that you have more control over your ad space. You don’t just place your ad space on a marketplace and hope someone will buy your ad space.

You choose the affiliate marketing network you want, then you go through their clients. Each of them has a description where you can get information about the company, the products they sell and, of course, the commission they are willing to pay for each acquisition your users make on their website.

As we already said, one of the main benefits of affiliate marketing is the fact that you have better control over your clients and the content you are placing on your website. You will be sure that inappropriate content won’t get displayed on your website, even worse, your competition won’t place ads on your website.

3. Ebooks For The Win

Unlike pay-per-click ads or affiliate marketing, this method requires more time. You will need to define the topic of your ebook, its chapters, and, of course, the content that you are looking to sell through your ebook.

We’ll continue with our fishing website example. A very good ebook idea would be an ebook about beautiful places where fishermen can go. First, you should definitely visit the places that you are looking to have in your ebook, then you should classify them in terms of fishes someone can catch there, easiest way to get there, hotels or places where they can stay overnight, and why do you think those places should definitely be visited by an avid fisherman.

Once you get all the needed information, you should take a few days to centralize your information and make it as appealing as possible.

Once the ebook is done, you just advertise it on your website and you can sell it for as little as $5. If you are passionate about it, your ebook will definitely sell, and after a while, it will generate the money you need to keep your website alive.

But, why stop at one ebook? You can write an ebook about the best fishing methods for different types of fish.

4. Sponsored Content

Does the word advertorial sound familiar? This is one of the best ways to monetize your WordPress content. Your fishing website has a lot of visibility in your community and a national fishing competition is set to happen in one month.

The organizers drop you a line telling you that they would like to promote themselves on your website. You tell them you can write an advertorial for them, where you describe the competition, where it will take place, the competitors, and the prizes at stake.

Through it, you keep your audience informed about future fishing events they can take part in and, you, as a publisher, will cash in the money you request from this event’s organizers.

You have three main benefits your audience is informed, you deliver fresh information, you generate content for your website, and, last, but not least, you generate income from the event’s organizers.

Similar to affiliate marketing and unlike pay-per-click ads, you have good control over the content that you deliver on your website. Sponsored content is a combination of affiliate marketing and ebooks. You can do your own research and only post content that you really want and you get to generate content through the advertorial you write.

5. Email Lists

Email lists are another good way of monetizing your website. How can you do this? Well, first, you should have a subscription area on your website. A place where your users can send you their email addresses. They will be able to receive very quickly the content that you are posting on your website without needing to visit it every hour. They will get your latest blog posts by email and they will read it.

Once you have a big enough email database, you can send paid newsletters to your clients. If you usually place three blog posts in your newsletters, you can replace one of them with a blog post from a company that is looking to advertise themselves through your marketing channels.

This monetization method is a bit slower than the ones presented before. That’s because creating a large enough email database cannot be done overnight, it takes time.

Even though it takes quite some time to generate these email lists, the good part about them is that, once you have them, you can use them over and over again. Similarly to ebooks, once you have them, you can sell them over and over again.

6. Go Full E-Commerce

Up until now, your website was only a fishing blog, you posted content that you and your readers like, but that’s just about it.

The question is if you already have a large audience and regular readers, why don’t you start selling fishing products?

Yes, it is the most difficult monetization method we mentioned in this article, but it is a step that should come naturally if you are looking to turn your hobby website into day-to-day business.

Unlike the other monetization methods, it needs some initial investments. You need to create the e-commerce functionalities, you need to invest in marketing your website, but, in the long run, it is the most profitable monetization method.


With the right knowledge, each website can be turned into a source of income. You just have to do your own research to get to know the methods you could use to monetize your website. Then, you should decide which one of those methods is the most appropriate for you, your audience, and your industry. Do some digging, find out more information about the monetization methods we’ve been talking about, find others, because you might think these methods don’t fit you perfectly and start making some money out of your passion.

Last, but not least, you shouldn’t forget the fact that profits should be reinvested. This way, a $100 profit today can turn into a $200 tomorrow, and so on.

About The Author         

Susan Saurel is a full-time digital marketer, essay writer, and fishing enthusiasts. Susan lives in Houston, Texas, but she spends most of her spare time traveling around the country and visiting the best fishing places out there. As a passionate marketer, Susan is eager to share her professional experience with others.

Best Free Live TV Apps

Top 10+ Best Free Live TV Apps for Android & iOS (2020)

Looking for some great apps to watch live TV for free on your Android or iOS device? Anyone need entertainment and Television is the best option. Today, in the article below, we are listening top 10+ best free live TV apps to help you watch all your favorites shows at any time for free. The apps listed below are for both Android and iOS devices and most of then do not stream TV Shows from they servers, but instead they search web directory to stream any TV Channels online. Besides these free live streaming TV Apps, there are also other free online streaming sites like 123Movies, Netflix, Amazon Prime to complete your entertainment. Be advised that some apps may be potentially harmful if are not downloaded form reliable sources and may ask you for permissions which for sure there are not required to use it.

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Top 10+ Best Free Live TV Apps for Android & iOS (2020)

After searching and digging online for some time, we come up with this list of best free live TV Apps of 2020 for your Android and iOS device. Modern life is really busy and peoples these days more and more rely to mobile devices and these are the reasons for the development of these amazing Apps to watch live TV Channels for free from any country.

Our List of Best Free Live TV Apps

The app shared below are randomly, so make sure to check than all and find your favorite free live TV app for your mobile device. So, here are the best free apps to Watch Live TV Channels online.

#1. Mobdro App

Modbro is one of my favorite streaming app for mobile where you will find all types of content and even live TV Channels. This app is more like a search engine that finds all the possibles videos for an selected movie or TV Show. Mobdro comes with an clean UI (user interface) and apart from Live TV streaming you can also find movies to stream or even download then. The app gets updated regularly so you want miss any TV shows and the app offers support for both iOS and Android devices.

Download (Android | iOS)

Mobdro – Best Free Live TV Apps

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#2. Live NetTV

Live NetTV app gives live TV Channels by providing alternative links. Comes with an great UI that offers a best user experience. It has also the scheduling feature that you can use to set alerts for your Shows and a favorite tab for saving your movies and shows. Live Net TV app can be used to stream for free for your Live TV, Sports, Movies and TV Shows from your Android device. The app packs more than 700+ channels form different countries.

Download (Android)

Live NetTV
Live NetTV – Best Free Live TV Apps

#3. Hulu TV App

Hulu also deserves a place in our best free Live TV Apps list because it is widely known as a service that regularly updates its content list very swiftly and without delay. With a simple click, you will start your binge movie streaming sessions but its ‘web-based only’. Hulu TV App pack all the latest TV shows, entertainment, news and many more, right at your pocket. It has an clean streaming experience and without any ads between. Hulu works well an different platforms like Android, iOS, PC/Laptop, Firestick, and Kodi.

Download (Android | iOS)

Hulu TV
Hulu TV – Best Free Live TV

#4. USTVNow

Looking to stream some live US content, than USTV is your great option to stream TV Channels form US and Canada directly to your mobile device. It hosts more than 150 live TV Channels form USA. USTV offers an great user experience thanks to its friendly and stylish app. It centers around the news channels like BC, CNN US, CNN International and many others.

USTVNow Download (Android)

USTVNow – Best Free Live TV

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#5. JioTV

This is one of the most downloaded live TV apps that packs 600+ channels including 60+ HD form different genres and from 15 languages. This is a virtue of Reliance JIo, and Indian carrier services that offers mostly Indian channels for free. JioTV app works great on Android, iOS, and Android TV and has the feature to watch shows from up to a week if you have missed that.

JioTV Download (Android | iOS)

JioTV App
JioTV App – Best Free Live TV Apps

#6. Sony LIV

Sony Liv is an international platform to watch Sony’s movies and shows for free. There are some ads in the free version, so if you want to remove than you will need to subscribe. The app packs over 700+ channels both Internationals and Indian ones. Sony Liv app works well an different devices like Android, iOS, Firestick, Android TV etc. One other great feature of Sony Liv app is the option to watch premium sports like La Liga, NBA, Football WC, Serie A, EPL and many more, all for free.

Download (Android | iOS)

Sony LIV
Sony LIV – Best Free Live TV Apps

#7. Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz App packs Live channels form a different good number of countries like India, USA, UK, Pakistan, Australia, France, Greece, Canada and other American, African and more. They don’t have any signup process so you will enjoy Live TV for free and without signing up. Some good features of Swift Streamz app includes: support of Multiple Players, DLNA & Chromecast support, support from Android 2.2+, works smoothly on (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) networks etc.

Swift Streams Download (Android)

Swift Streamz
Swift Streamz – Best Free Live TV Apps

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#8. RedBox TV

RedBox TV is yet another great free Live TV app streaming that supports 15 different countries. The app has an built-in support for native android video streaming players and also works well with Android player, MX player, Web Player and 321 players. RedBox TV is pretty easy to use you just need to choose you favorite channel and and select the media player also it packs more then 1000+ live channels for your entertainment. The apps offer different categories of TV Channels like sports channels, entertainment channels, science channels, Kids channels form different countries.

Download (RedBox TV)

RedBox TV
RedBox TV – Best Free Live TV Apps

#9. dittoTV

dittoTV app pack a massive amount of content daily for you to watch it form your mobile device. The site offers channels from its partners including Sony and many other popular and well-know ones, and the good news that the channel list gets updated constantly. You may see the full list form the official site of this app. dittoTV also offers the recording feature so you can see your favorites TV Shows at any time. dittoTV is long run is definitely an very powerful live TV streaming app that is worth it.

Download (Android | iOS)

dittoTV – Best Free Live TV Apps

#10. Tubi

Tubi is yet another great Live TV app to watch movies and TV Shows with a large collection in High-quality audio for free. It has an amazing UI (user interface) in a dark theme to protect your eyes in the dark. You do also have the options to choose form different video quality according to your need and also the option to add subtitles. The option to save the videos to your phone, to watch than later, is another great feature of Tubi and the only drawback may be the ads that prompts during the video watch. To end, Tubi TV app is an amazing app that gives high-quality Live TV for free.

Download (Android | iOS)

Tubi – Best Free Live TV Apps

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#11. Hotstar

This app is dedicated to Indian viewers. It offer different categories to watch form Live Sports, Latest TV series, Movies etc. Basically, Hotstar is an free app, but it host a loot of movies that comes under the “Premium” section. As free you can watch more than 100,000 hours of movies. You will also find some great TV Channels like Star Plus, Star Bharat, Fox Life, Nat Geo, Star Sports etc.

Download (Android | iOS)

Hotstar – Best Free Live TV Apps

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So these are our selections of best 10+ best free Live TV apps of 2020 for mobile devices that you can use today. Hope you found this article useful. If you have any other free live TV app that you use daily, please let us know it in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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Why you should never choose a low budget attorney

As a young business owner, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is hiring a low budget attorney. You think you are saving money for the business, but after years of problems, you will come to the realization that you do get what you pay for. So when the time comes, and you are sitting there, wondering “do I need an attorney”, and the answer is yes, pick the right one!

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Nobody enjoys writing checks or sending bank transfers to their attorney – most people don’t like dealing with lawyers in any situation. It isn’t usually the individual lawyers who cause this unease. It is more the unease of needing a lawyer in the first place. Unfortunately, we live in a world where lots of us will end up needing a lawyer at some point. Making the right decision when this happens, is vitally important.

When you are looking for a lawyer, you are going to want to find one with the following qualities. If they score low in any of the following, you might want to consider re-evaluating your choice in attorneys.


One of the most important qualities a good lawyer should have is the ability to communicate with you well. They should be easy to get a hold of when you need them and if you can’t get a hold of them straight away, they should at least be contacting you as soon as they possibly can. You are paying a lawyer for their time, budget attorneys tend to spread themselves thin, meaning they will not have the time for you that you require.


A good lawyer should wow you with their enthusiasm and confidence. If they can’t convey this to you, how can you expect them to apply the effort for you. Good lawyers can charge what they do because they are experts in confidence and enthusiasm.

Ethical Behaviour

Attorneys are students of law and ethics. The number one tell-tale sign of a bad attorney is unethical behavior. Unethical behavior can be turning up late to meetings often, not filing their documents on time or incorrectly, making important decisions without you or having a conflict of interest.


Your attorney should not only be enthusiastic, ethical and good at communication. They should also be able to empathize with you. There are lots of lawyers out there who are more robot than human. Make sure you pick an attorney who you get along with. Someone who empathizes with you will fight harder for you.

If your budget lawyer is failing on the above qualities, maybe it is time to switch to a more qualified one. If you are making the decision to swap over to a new attorney, make sure you focus on quality before budget. The decisions that are going to be made by the man or woman that you hire could be life-changing ones.

Remember that great lawyers are not cheap and that cheap lawyers are rarely great.


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Toys for Toddlers

Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers

Play and toys are an important part of every child. You should start introducing your little one to toys at a young age in order to spark their creativity and let them have fun. However, not every toy is safe for all ages and you need to know what kind of toys to get for your toddler. There are a couple of things to consider and here they are.

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Prioritize Safety

Not all toys that exist are toddler-friendly. Some of them could cause injury to your child or have some toxins or other things that could cause problems. When picking a new toy, it’s important to keep safety in mind so your kid could enjoy the toys and remain safe at all times. What you should do is always read and respect the age recommendation, read the labels on tags and packaging and don’t choose toys with small loose parts. Also, make sure there are no sharp edges or objects so your little one won’t get stabbed or cut.

Educational Toys

Your little toddler is constantly learning and educational toys can be a great gift and means of learning. Focus on getting toys that can teach your kid many different skills that they are going to need. Puzzles, interlocking and building blocks are great for sharpening logical thinking skills and they are fun. Also, shape sorters or other toys that make your kid figure out things on their own will help develop problem-solving skills. Other great educational toys are those that will encourage your toddler to read and speak, and these include picture books, coloring books and sound books. What is more, educational toys are very easy to find anywhere you look, you just have to do a little research and you can find great educational toys at BORN CUTE.

Spark Their Imagination

You should also focus on sharpening their imagination, because that is also part of learning and get them toys that allow them to create their own stories or develop roles and characters, such as dolls and toys for pretend play, such as doctor and kitchen sets for example. What is more, through pretend play and toys that accompany it, your child will get to learn about different roles in life, characteristics of certain jobs and some valuable life lessons. 

Something for Their Love of Music

If your toddler has already started to express likes towards music, you should then start focusing on music toys. However, since your kid is young you may even start with some bells and other simpler instruments and objects that make a sound. Also, there are toys that can play songs, so your kid can rhyme and dance beside them. Additionally, you can combine music toys and educational toys and look for those that can teach your kid new words for certain items while playing some music and simply let them have fun. 

Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activity is essential for a child’s growth and development, but you have to keep in mind not to try and make your toddler perform too complicated activities since they are still too young. But, there are simple toys that can encourage them to work out and use their muscles, such as riding toys, rocking horses and even smaller bikes with three wheels. 

In order for your child to learn valuable life lessons and skills, it’s important for them to play. The best accessories for playing are toys, but you have to make sure that the toys are safe for them and age-appropriate. Also, don’t just get them one type of toy but focus on a wide variety and types of toys that can provide your child with different skills and knowledge.


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Car Tuning: What Do You Need to Know?

Car modifications can dramatically improve not only the looks of your favorite four-wheeler but also its capabilities and performance. 

If you happen to be passionate about vehicles, improving engine efficiency surely sounds exciting.  So does altering the car to provide better fuel economy.

So, fasten your seatbelt and learn how to best tune your ride.

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Why Tune Your Car? 

Car owners want to stand out and get the most out of a serially produced four-wheeler. What could be better than being able to personalize the characteristics of your car to your own preferences?

Some even say that tuning diesel engines can boost its efficiency and enhance driving conditions up by 10 to 15%. 

Modifying a vehicle in a way that improves its performance is quite popular among those who appreciate the thrill of a soaring speed. 

Permanent vs. Bolt-On Modifications

First of all, you have to decide whether you want permanent modifications to your car or bolt-on ones. The latter can be removed at any point. 

Bolt-on mods won’t void your warranty and they are a go-to option if you are not looking for an extreme tune. Bolt-on aftermarket parts can provide a performance boost without any lasting changes to your car. 

If you are looking for independent, in-depth reviews on car gear, you can find more info at

Bear in mind that if you are after a superior performance, permanent modifications to your car will be necessary. 

Where You Want to Go With the Tune?

Before modifying your car, think thoroughly about what you want to accomplish. It may be a more aggressive look to a regular car or a fully-primed road racing car. 

All of the tuning options are conducted differently, and later adjustments when the mods have already been done are sometimes impossible.

One more important thing: your car has to correspond to the intended tune.

Things to Consider Before You Decide on Tuning Your Car

Conduct extensive research on tuning to be sure you know what to expect since some of the procedures cannot be reversed. 

Before deciding on any alterations to your vehicle, check its condition first. It is an absolute must to fully repair and service your car before going ahead with tuning.

Consult tuning companies and compare offers. Take customer feedback into account to be sure you are getting the best service for your money.

How About the Costs Involved? 

Covering tuning services is the obvious part, but you will most probably also need to replace some car components for safety reasons. Some of the parts will have to endure greater stress which leads to their faster wearing out. 

When you boost engine power you are switching from a fuel-economy mode to a fuel-consuming mode. This will surely raise the cost due to an increase in fuel consumption.

More frequent service due to harsher use will result in higher costs, too.

Strengthening the body frame is one of the safety features you should consider when increasing the engine power. This also means fewer dollars in your bank account. 

What Is the Easiest Way to Boost Horsepower?

Chip tuning is the easiest and cheapest way to increase horsepower. This means altering the parameters inside the ECU via a computer or replacing the serial production maps with those from a higher class.

When trying to draw the maximum horsepower from your engine, you may need to replace tires and brakes in some cars. This is an important safety measure, but it means the initial cost will go up.

It is important to note that although chip tuning is the most popular way to boost your horsepower, it is critical to leave it to the professionals. 

When you decide to upgrade your car, opt for a reputable car tuning shop that provides insurance. Meet a professional tuner in person and discuss everything you are concerned about. 

Enjoy your ride! 


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