4 Tips For Attracting More Customers To Your Business Page

As a business, one of your biggest priorities should be increasing your customer base. Without customers, your business will cease to exist. The more customers that you have, the more income that you’ll generate. It’s really that simple. However, generating new customers isn’t always as simple. 

The best way to bring in customers is to use the visibility of the World Wide Web. By creating a stellar business page, you can attract new clients to your website, and start generating more money right away. Take a look at some of the best tips to bring in more customers to your business page.

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Offer A Deal 

If there’s one thing that people love is the great deal. A good bargain can attract new people who may be shopping elsewhere currently.   It helps to offer your new customers an introductory discount, or even something free. Offering discounts and promotions can be a fantastic way to grab people’s attention who may not have otherwise considered you.

Current customers are one of your best resources for generating new ones. They will in turn share their high opinion of you with others who will in turn become customers as a result. 

In addition to rewarding your new customers, you should also make sure that you take care of your old ones. Offer your loyal customers deals as well as a “thank you” for their business.   


Networking is all about bringing your brand to light.  It’s important that you not only network in the real world, but also online. By networking on social media, you’ll bring an entirely new audience to your business page that may not have otherwise landed there. 

By getting involved in online communities you’ll start to become the first person that people think of when they need the kind of product or service that you offer.  

One of the best ways to go about networking is to see it as an opportunity to help others rather than asking yourself what’s in it for you. 


It’s important that you’re implementing some kind of search engine optimization strategy. Think of SEO as a way to tell Google to send customers your way. If you’re not familiar with some basic SEO techniques yet, you may want to consider getting familiar with them. The higher that you can appear on search results, the more visibility that your webpage will have. 

Know Your Customer 

One of the best ways to appeal to your customer is to know who they are. Get to know what it is that they are after and what attracts them. By understanding how your potential clients think, you’ll be more likely to reel them in to check out your page. 

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How to Minimize the Risks of Losing Your Valuable Files

The entire world relies on some shape or form of technology. Technology has completely changed the entire world, from the way the businessman does his business, to the way a teenager spends his afternoon. But, because of this reliance on technology, comes a dependence on our files. If our files become lost, compromised, or corrupted, we are unable to proceed with the regular swing of our day-to-day activities, whether they be gaming or business. Files can be very valuable, whether because of sentimentality [family photographs, etc.], or because the files themselves are worth money.

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This page will hope to tell you how to minimize the risks of losing your valuable files, and how to ensure that your files do not become corrupted, unusable, or compromised. Many of the suggestions put forward in this page are just good practice, and most of them you should uphold without being told to. You must also ensure you maintain some of the things listed here so you do not wind up having your data compromised or having it lost. Here is how you can minimize the risks of losing your valuable files and data.

Regular Backups

Backing up your data is the first of this list, and undoubtedly, the most important, and the best method of maintaining the security of your files. Backups are a way in which you can create duplicate copies of your files that, in an instance of computer breakage or theft, can be accessed. It also ensures that should anything ever-corrupt the existing files – that you can restore the files to before their corruption. According to the tech specialists from BackBlaze.com, backing up your computer is essential to ensure your data does not become lost. With our entire lives so focused on technology and the digital world – it is essential we protect our data, and a backup is one of the best ways to do so.


The next best way to protect your data and files is to ensure you have adequate security measures installed on your computer. It is quite often the case that our files become compromised through security breaches, such as viruses [malware, ransomware], or more serious infections [trojan horses]. Installing security software on your computer is a good way to ensure that your data does not become lost or compromised. You can download all sorts of anti-viral measures on your computer, each with their own advantages and benefits.


Sharing your computer can be another way that files become damaged or corrupted. Someone may be using your computer and may be behaving frivolously, as unfortunately, people tend to do when they are using something that is not their own. They may end up damaging or corrupting your files through sheer negligence or could accidentally delete them. For this reason, it is best that you never allow someone onto your personal account if you are sharing a computer, and rather, that you create for them their own account that does not have administrative privileges.


Being careful when using your computer is a good way to ensure you do not lose your precious files. As other people can be frivolous with files, so can you too, and you may accidentally damage or lose your own files through careless computer use. Be careful on your account and be meticulous with everything that you are doing so that you do not damage or lose your own files. It is very easy to be careful with your computer – but at the same time – it is very easy to be careless.


Keeping your computer updated is a good way to make sure that it does not become compromised, nor does it begin to break down. Updating your computer should be something that you do as soon as the updates become available to you. Updates will be made available by the factory manufacturer and you should be notified as soon as they become available. Update your computer, but do backups before you do updates, as it is very common for an update to corrupt files and prevent your computer from being able to restore.

Third-Party Backups

Third-party backups such as independent Cloud servers are a great way for you to back-up your computer and ensure your files never become lost. You can back your computer up through the factory settings, as mentioned previously, but you can also use third-party servers, which offer you the ability to ensure your data is never lost.

Now, with the help of this page, you know how you can protect your precious files and ensure they do not become compromised, nor are they lost, nor do they fall victim to sophisticated fraud gangs designed entirely to defraud you.

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Driving tips

Driving tips for newly qualified drivers. Things your instructor probably didn’t teach you

Congratulations on passing your driving test! You’re going to love the freedom and independence that comes with owning and driving your own vehicle. Your driving instructor taught you how to drive safely, how to navigate the roads carefully and how to manage those awkward parking lot scenarios. But your learning shouldn’t stop there. Just because you’ve passed your test, it doesn’t mean you’re less likely to have an accident or make a fatal mistake.

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Here we’ll explore some driving tips for newly qualified drivers and things your instructor probably didn’t teach you.

Most crashes occur within a few miles of home

No one wants to be in a car accident. You could end up writing your car off, becoming seriously injured or permanently disabled. If you were to have a life-changing, debilitating injury you may not be able to drive ever again. Wondering how much does disability pay? Click the link to find out more. Interestingly, most car accidents occur when drivers are within a few miles of home. This is because on the roads we’re most familiar with, we’re more likely to take risks and we become dangerously overconfident.

So, whether you’re pulling out of the driveway and onto the main road or traveling along the freeway, you should be applying the same focus and caution every time you get behind the wheel.

Take time to get to know your car

Whether you’ve been gifted a brand new car, or you’ve got yourself a second hand one, before you hit the road and start driving everywhere you need to take some time to get to know your vehicle. Imagine driving and it suddenly starts to rain, do you know where your windshield wipers are? Or how to put on your lights?

Not knowing how to control your vehicle is incredibly dangerous. So, before you choose your favorite playlist and set off, take some time to go over the basics and get to know your car.

Know what to do if there is an accident

Sometimes, accidents happen. And whether you’re at fault or not, you need to know what to do in the event of a road accident. The basics include:

  • Staying calm and turning off your engine
  • Calling the police
  • Seeking medical attention as soon as possible
  • Taking photographic evidence of the scene and getting witness details
  • Swapping details with the other party
  • Speaking with a PI lawyer

Remember to follow the guidance from your instructor

You weren’t just checking your blind spot and adjusting your mirrors to pass your test. You should be doing these things every time you get behind the wheel. Just because your mom and dad don’t do these little checks or fail to use their signals correctly, doesn’t mean you have to fall into the same bad habits. Stay safe by remembering the guidance of your instructor.

And finally, how to change a flat

If you don’t know how to change a flat tire then you could be facing an expensive roadside assistance bill. Learning how to change a flat tire yourself is incredibly rewarding and much better for your wallet!

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Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

20+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites: Watch Sports Online for Free On 2020

Are you looking for the top best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2020? Well, look no more. Today, in the article below, after some hours of searching and digging online, we come up with a list of 20+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites for you to watch any Sports Event Online for free in 2020. If you are a hardcore sports fan, then go to the list below to find your favorite Free Sports Streaming site in 2020 to watch all your favorites sports for free through different screens devices. These days, the internet is full of dodgy sites that do promises unhindered live streaming but delivers nothing more than malicious ads. So if you are looking for reliable sources to livesteam your favorite live sports matches, go through the list below of the best free sports streaming sites of 2020!

Sports streaming sites are basically web portals where you can watch all the live sports games online and the only thing you will need is a high-speed internet connection. So through these free sports streaming sites, you can enjoy watching your favorite live match online for free without paying a penny. Is that amazing?!, it does not matter if you want to watch the NBA playoffs, UEFA Champions League, or even Cricket Series and many others, this list got you covered!

IMPORTANTLegal Copyright Disclaimer: This technology shall only be used to stream/downlaod movies/TV shows and other stuff that fall under the public domain. neoAdviser does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. Referenced applications/addons/links are not hosted by neoAdviser and this guide is for educational purposes only.

NOTE: If the given links are not working, please do a quick search to find the latest working links to the given website! We recommend using Big search tool.

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Is it legal to stream free sporting events?

Right, a good question. Each country has its different laws, in most nations, it’s not illegal to stream free sports events, and also as a viewer, you are not doing anything illegal so you most not worry when using free sports streaming sites. The only reason why peoples worry the most is cos it is not legal to post or host live streams cos of the copyrighted material.

What live sports events can i watch through these websites?

The types of live sports events, even in HD, that you can stream through these sites is limitless. We at neoAdviser recommend getting familiar with a few of the live sports streaming sites shared below and rely on then. If a live event is now available on a site then go to the next one. You will find all the popular sports events form football, American football, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, F1 races, Motorsports, WWE Shows, to volleyball, and winter sports, etc. available on these free sports streaming sites.

Are these sites safe from viruses?

These free streaming sites to stay online rely on adds that are not controlled by companies with a reputation like Google, so clicking through the links may lead to download viruses that may harm your device. A good adBlocker, a VPN, and a good antivirus program are always recommended.

Are these free sports streaming sites mobile compatible?

Yes, many of the sites listed below work well in mobile devices with some of then working better than the other. Unfortunately, they don’t have a mobile app but they are well-optimized for mobile screens so you will be able to stream your favorite live sports event on your smartphone screen without any problem.

20+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2020

So, after searching and digging online for some hours we come up with this reliable list of the top 20+ best free sports streaming sites of 2020 that we do recommend. The sites shared below are randomly, so make sure to check then all and find your favorite free live sports streaming site!

#1. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSport is the best Sports site to watch different live football matches and one of the most popular. Best thing?! it’s free for all users. As it is compatible with all platforms, you can stream on your PC and your Smartphone too. It packs an easy and clean UI to use and navigate through.

You can use FirstRowSport to stream different sports matches form basketball, rugby, boxing, tennis to baseball, and many more. FirstRowSport is the only website you will ever need for streaming your live sports events. The site performs very well and you can stream all your favorite sports without any hassle. You may find some annoying adds, but trust me this site is worth using and for sure it will be your favorite free sports streaming site.


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#2. VIPLeague

VIPLeague broadcast live sports content for free. You will find from European leagues as well as international tournaments such as MLB, NHL, WWE, UFC, X-Games, etc. Shortly, the site covers everything related to the sports world. The platform is really easy to access and you will not face any problem while livestreaming your live sports event. At VIPLeague you also have the option to watch sports in different languages like French, Deutsch etc.

VIPleague is one of the most trusted free sports streaming sites to watch sports online free and any live sports events directly from your Laptop, PC, and mobile devices. The top reason why users choose VIPleague is that they don’t have to pay a penny to enjoys football, baseball, basketball, car racing, and other sports events. They will treat you like a VIP!


#3. Stream2watch

Stream2watch is a very popular live streaming sports site and one of the best when sports fans can easily watch any matches for free. All big sports are covered by Stream2Watch, also some mix of lower-profile sports. There is no need for any signup process and the site will also provide the schedule of upcoming live sports events. Besides live sports events, this website also provides other TV Channels where you can stream movies and TV Shows for free.

The Stream2Watch user interface (UI) is amazing which makes this site look and feel very nice compared to others. You can stream different things form match streams, events to tournaments, and much more. Stream2Watch can be used on any device without any issues.


#4. LiveTV

LiveTV site has a lot of traffic cos the live streaming is offered in many languages. As the name suggests it offers live TV channels. LiveTV is very functional with a good design and offers a large variety of sports. You can choose from different video quality according to your internet speed. This site is considered as the best free sports streaming site that offer free live streaming in multiple languages.

LiveTV is a Russian domain that offers live streaming events. Even that the original website domain is in Russian, LiveTV is also available in German, French and English language. You can choose your primary language at the Top-Right corner of the page. One great feature is the live score form witch the users can see the updated live score of every live event.


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#5. Laola1 

Laola1 is an Austrian website that provides links to different sports events. The site does not have the simplest interface but it covers most popular sports events around the world from different sports channel categories like Football, Volleyball, Handball, Ice Hockey, Motorsports, etc. While streaming live events you can choose from different levels of video and audio quality which makes it a great Sports Streaming Site.

Laola1 has a friendly user-friendly interface and provides also a section to read different news related to sports. One top feature is also the option to record all the matches and watch then at another time offline. If you choose to create an account at Laola1, you will get notifications of the upcoming sports.


#6. CricFree

CricFree brings to you lots of online TV channels, most of then with a sport event. You can enjoy streaming online sports events totally for free at any time from anywhere around the globe. CricFree main focus is on cricket and you can enjoy all type of cricket tournaments, but also the site provides all the other sports events divided into more than 12 different categories along with sports news, interviews, previous matches highlights, match schedule, etc.

CricFree comes with a very simple and easy UI that makes the navigation through the site simple. CricFree is one of the best sports streaming services that covers everything you are looking for.


#7. BatmanStream

BatmanStream is one of the most popular free sports streaming sites which you will find it among the top names cos of its maximum number of users it gets on a regular basis. Comes with a good and friendly user interface (UI) and packs different types of sports events from football, basketball, baseball to handball, and many others. BatmanStream offers the feature to search for your favorite sports event and stream that live event for completely free. 


#8. StreamHunter

StreamHunter is another great alternative and a very flexible live streaming service to watch your favorite live event at any time with great quality. StreamHunter packs all the modern features to make your live streaming more enjoyable. It is not just a Live Streaming Service but it’s also a Sport News website that covers or the news related to sports around the globe. StreamHunter covers different sports categories like Boxing, Soccer, Football, Cricket, Handball, etc


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#9. Redstream

Redstream is the best option for you for online sports streaming. Rojadirecta streams are also available here! One thing to be considered is that live events are not broadcasted on TV for free, you need to pay premium cable tv channels.


#10. LiveSport.ws

Livesport.ws is one of the most fascinating live sports streaming websites. Unlike VIPLeague, Stream2watch, or FirstRow Sport, the website is less popular but offers a top streaming experience. Almost any popular sports event is available here and you don’t need to worry about buffering and any lags. Livesport website is updated daily with the links to stream the live sports event and with all the information about the game. You will find also in-depth stats and learn more about a particular team in detail.


#11. SportLemon TV

SportLemon TV is one of the best free sports streaming sites and one of the easiest to watch sports online free. The UI is very friendly and you can choose any live event with the timezone. The site offers all types of sports to watch which makes it one of the best. SportsLemon.tv offers multiple links for the same event but also provides an app. You may find many Pop-Up ads, but the broadcast is great with SportLemon TV.

You will find all the live streams events at the top-right tab of every window and also you may navigate through the different categories of the sports easily.


#12. Myp2p

Myp2p is also a well known free live streaming alternativeAll sports events are available here. Everyone can easily watch a live sports match for free on Myp2p. The user interfaces is clean, attractive, and very smooth. You will find many sports categories to stream like Tennis, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Boxing, and MotoGP, etc and each live event has multiple links to choose from.

Has a few ads but provides high-quality streams, enjoy!


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#13. MamaHD

Mama HD is another well-known and popular free sports streaming site known for hosting all types of sports streaming links for years. This platform is one of the oldest ones and open for all the globe. Mama HD packs all types of live sports events from football, basketball, tennis to NHL, NFL, boxing, and UFC.

You will get different links for the same event to increase the chances of availability. Also, within the platform, you also have the option to chat with different sports fans around the globe.

Mama HD
Mama HD

#14. StrikeOut

All sports lovers will love to visit StrikeOut cos is the best source to easily watch all sports games form different devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, pc, etc. StrikeOut has a well-organized design and focuses on providing very quality streams. You can choose to stream live events form cricket, baseball, football, basketball, and many more.


#15. SportsP2P

SportsP2P is best-known for live sports streaming. On their platform, you can watch all types of sports events form Cricket, Racing, UFC, Boxing, Tennis, to American football and other live events form different channels. The database gets updated frequently to provide regular fresh content. SportsP2P comes with a clear and user-friendly interface which makes it a great source.


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#16. StreamWoop

Mostly know among the North American viewers, StreamWoop is another great source to free sports streaming which hosts all the most important live sports events by offering different links for the same event. The UI (user interface) is pretty easy and right at the homepage are showcased all the live and the upcoming sports events. You will find different sports categories form Tennis, Baseball, Ice Hockey to Soccer, Basketball, and many more.

For more, at the StreamWoop homepage, there is a chatroom to keep you engaged with other sports fan users.


#17. Rojadirecta 

The world’s biggest and most popular free sports streaming site is Rojadirecta. All sports events are accessible by everyone for free. If you are looking for the best online free sports streaming site then don’t look anymore! Rojadirecta it’s like a real-time directory where all top sports games are scheduled with the complete information of the next live sports coming up.

The website provides multiple links to the same live event and with multiple video quality for your needs to choose from!


#18. Watchsportonline

Watchsportonline offers HD content only, which is something we all like a loot. The intuitive interface makes easy the navigation through the website while right at the top bar is the “Live” button form which you will find all the live sports events available at that time. WatchSportOnline offers HD live streaming of any sports, but to stream HD live sports events you will need to sign up to the platform.


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#19. BossCast

BossCast is well-known and among the most popular when it comes to free sports streaming sites online. It has more than 130 world’s streaming changes which means that you can enjoy any live sports events at any time. At BossCast you will find different sports categories from Football, Hockey, WWE, to Soccer, and Boxing, etc, and all the daily events are scheduled for the best experience.

The UI (user interface) is also great and you will find also a chat option to share your thoughts with other users.


#20. Sport365

Sport365 is a great source for all of your favorites live sports from Cricket, WWE, Football, Rugby, to Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, and many more. Right at the homepage are showcased all the live sports that are currently available and that ones that will be live soon. Sport365 is available in different languages so it can be reached by many peoples and also it has a build-in chat room to chat with other sports lovers. You may find many pop-up ads that may be annoying so a good VPN is recommended.


#21. StreamSports

When you first land to StreamSports.io you will notice a different interface with a decent color combination and an authentic look. Unlike the above free sports streaming sites, StreamSports is currently an ad-free service. It offers a variety of sports matches like football, cricket, baseball, hockey, and packs different options like multiple languages, video quality, and more! For more, the site offers highlights of your favorite matches when it is over.

StreamSports.io is my top option for sports streaming sites and you will love it for sure!


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That’s all! You come up to the end of our selection of top 20+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2020 to watch sports online free. You may find many other similar sites that will give you the same streaming experience, but we have shared the most reliable ones. Hope you found this article useful! If you have any other favorite free online sports streaming sites that you use daily, please let us know in the comment section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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Data Recovery

Why You Must Seek Professional Help for Data Recovery

Over the past few years, computer technology has made our lives easier than anyone could economy, it doesn’t come without a few challenges. One of the main challenges faced by individuals and businesses when it comes to computing is data storage.

Security breaches and memory issues aside, there’s always the risk of losing the data stored in ever imagine. But with most of us going digital as we observe a shift towards a paperless your computer hard drive or SSD. This could come from a fire, weather damage, physical damage, or a technical malfunction caused by viruses and malware. Thanks to the same technology, data recovery is still possible in many cases. However, this is best left to the pros. On this note, here are a few reasons why you must seek professional help for data recovery.

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1. Comprehensive Evaluation Maintenance

Data recovery is often a tedious process that requires a lot of patience and technical experience. As you might have guessed, data recovery is one of those things that need professional hands. Well, depending on the severity of the data loss situation, not all data recovery specialists may be able to help you out. If you have an HDD data loss problem, you will need a professional who specialises in hard drive data recovery to come to your rescue. If you are located in Australia’s major parts like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and Canberra, Recovered should get you covered. They deal with a wide range of data recovery issues, including HDD, USB, SSD, and Raid data recovery, just to mention a few.

When using professional data recovery services, you never have to worry about losing your data for good. The experts will assess the problem and find an appropriate solution to your problem.

2. Professionalism and Expert Services

In most fields of work, you will come to realize that professional services are the best. You will get the most recommendable services because, for one, they are aware of the market trends, data storage mediums, and most appropriate software in the market. When dealing with the most sensitive data, you will want to work with somebody who knows what they are doing. Remember, you could be dealing with data you can’t afford to lose or watch as it falls into the wrong hands.

3. Work Experience

Data recovery experts have handled all sorts of data loss situations every day of their work life. That means they have dealt with different kinds of issues in the course of gaining experience. Needless to mention, an experienced data recovery specialist will serve you better than an amateur. Considering the sensitivity and urgency involved in the data recovery process, it could easily turn into a regrettable experience if you picked just anyone to help you with data recovery. This is why it’s best to seek recommendations from people you can trust before reaching out to strangers.

4. Security and Privacy Guarantee

This is another important benefit of hiring a professional, especially for sensitive data that you wouldn’t want to leak to the public. You cannot trust a random specialist with your private information. You will have to research the most reliable data recovery company that will guarantee the absolute security and safety of your data. As you do so, you will also want to ensure they have a proper data recovery infrastructure so that you do not risk losing your data and information due to more physical damages to your storage devices.

Apart from these, a professional service provider will also offer reliable customer service. Your satisfaction as a client will be their top priority.

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Best Travel Apps-

Top 5+ Best Travel Apps Essential for Anyone Traveling (Android&iOS)

Everyone these days uses an Android or iOS device while a wide range of apps available means that you can make the most of your device. They provide useful assistance in many ways while helping us in many areas of our life. One aspect, which we find this app really useful, are the travel apps that are ideal for these traveling. These days is impossible to imagine traveling around the globe without the assistance of any mobile app. You will find hundreds of travel apps and in fact, it may be difficult to distinguish which are really necessary to have and which not. So below, in the following article, we will provide a list of top 5+ best travel apps that are proved to be helpful while providing efficiency and value during your trips.

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2020 Top 5+ Best Travel Apps (Android & iOS)

Probably not the best time to travel, but limitations have always existed, a little imagination and stubbornness are enough and you can always find adventure. In this article, we have decided to list the 5+ most essential apps for those traveling. From booking flights, plan accommodations, take advice from previous travelers, learning more for the culture of the country, or even reserve a seat at a restaurant, you can do all of this directly from your smartphone.

If you plan a trip coming up, the below-picked travel apps for Android or iOS will help you have a good organized stress-free vacation while getting the best out of it.

#1. Travello

This app is a social network and pretty much resembles Facebook’s philosophy, except it is for travelers. Through it, you can get advice from travelers who have visited your destinations. Share photos, your tips as well as opinions on hotels and restaurants. Furthermore, you can also make reservations directly from the application.

Download Free (Android | iOS)

Travello App
Travello App

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#2. Travel Smart

This app is specifically for anyone who discovers new places and knows nothing about the culture of the place. Through it, you can understand how to behave in that destination, how much baksheesh to leave, where is the nearest embassy, ​​which areas are safe and which are not. And for more, weather forecasts, currency, etc. Travel Smart is really a helpful travel app you most have at your smartphone which provides the most relevant information and tools to keep you safe and informed when traveling.

Download Free (iOS)

Travel Smart
Travel Smart

#3. Hopper

Hopper is a good app for those looking on great deals of flights. Besides the flight prices comparing, the app will provide you information on the cheaped time to travel at that specific destination. You will find the best time to buy a ticket flight based on your destination while the app will also advise you if you should make the purchase now or wait for a longer time. So, by putting your travel plans, Hopper will tell when is the best time to book your flight.

Download Free (Android | iOS)


#4. Meetup

If you go somewhere and don’t know what to do, sign up for Meetup. Based on your personal interests the app will suggest specific location activities. Since it works with the location of the smartphone you can also use it from your home if you want to meet new friends and activities around you.

Download Free (Android | iOS)


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#5. TripLingo

Even this travel app is quite helpful when going to places you do not know them at all. For foreign languages, ​​you can use Google Translate but this app is more specific in-country phrases, local concepts, and its images. From a catalog of 100 countries select your destination and go.

Download (Android | iOS)


#6. Zomato

Gastronomy is certainly one of the reasons we travel. Zomato offers a variety of cuisines to suit your tastes. Find restaurants, make reservations, and explore the food options around you. Zomato is a restaurant review, discovery, and food delivery app, with in-depth information of more than 1.5 million restaurants across 24 countries!

Download (Android | iOS)


#7. Airbnb 

This app lets you rent individual rooms, couches, or an entire apartment from locals. It undercuts hotels by offering cheaper prices and i love Airbnb as it’s a happy medium between hostels and hotels. It allows you to stay with a local at their home. The app provides also a feature called Trips form which you can choose Experiences from during your stay.

Download (Android | iOS)


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With so many good travel apps available, you can easily take the stress and hassle out when traveling. Do you recommend any travel app to be featured in this article? Then please let us know in the comments section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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Recognize an SMS Fraud

How to Recognize an SMS Fraud

As new communication technology constantly evolves, cases of fraud are also increasing. Many businesses use mobile phones to connect with customers and facilitate a variety of transactions. When a customer chooses to pay online or use a credit card, they receive a text message to authorize the payment. On the other hand, a business owner will also get a payment confirmation via an SMS message on their phone. However, the challenge is that fraudsters can tamper with this system and create fake SMSes confirming non-existing payments. The good news is that with the right application, it is possible to recognize such cases. As such, read on to learn how to recognize an SMS fraud.

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Type of Phone Number

You can check the number of digits on the phone number that sends you suspicious texts to verify if they are scams. Legitimate phone numbers usually have 10 digits or less while marketing messages usually consist of a shortcode with six digits. You should be concerned if you receive a text from a number with more than 10 digits. Apart from that, you need to check if the message is relevant to you.  

Choose a Reliable App

Smart technology also comes with new apps that consist of advanced security features. You can integrate text phone verification service in your business with a special app that can help you verify the authenticity of the SMSes that you receive from different clients. This type of app helps to notify customers, confirm transactions, while at the same time preventing fraud. You can also use the app to send SMS pin codes as well as a one-time pin (OTP) to verify phone numbers. It also helps confirm account logins to keep scammers at bay. This app can only be accessed by the authorized account holder which makes it difficult for scammers to steal from your account using text scams. 

Request for Information About Your Account

Scammers use many tricks such as sending fake messages about your bank account. For instance, they can send you a text message saying they have observed something fishy on your account or notify you that your account has a problem. You can also receive a text with a fake invoice and once you respond, they steal your information. No bank will ever send this kind of text, so you should be wary about any suspicious messages. Scammers will ask you to provide personal details to claim a gift and they will only steal this information before vanishing into thin air. 

Scammers can also trick you into providing personal information by promising gift cards, coupons as well as free prizes. They can also promise to give you a low-interest credit card then, later on, ask you to provide your account number or password. Once you provide the information, they can use it to access your bank account or email. They can also sell your details to other scammers. Therefore, you should be wary of people who offer you generous deals that are too good to believe. 

Text Refund

The other trick comes as a text refund informing you that you have been overcharged after buying something. Many people can be easily tempted to respond but this will be a big scam. If you send bank details in the hopes that the scammers will deposit the refund, then you would have sold out important information. You should never send your banking details to anyone via a text message.

Family Issues

Other scammers will use the trick of sending messages to unsuspecting people informing them about family problems. If you are the recipient, you are likely to fall for the trick thinking that your loved one is in danger, therefore, you send money as requested. You need to verify the authenticity of the text before sending any money since this can be a fraud. If the text mentions the name of someone you might know, try to reach out to the person directly before you send money. It is a good idea to contact the authorities before you send cash to unknown people. 

With new information and communication technology, the chances of potential scams are also on the rise. Spam texts are a new form of fraud that some people easily fall for. The goal of these scam texts is to steal your personal information, or even money. However, there are certain measures that you can take to recognize SMS fraud. Generous deals offered through text messages are suspicious and you should not easily fall for them. You should also make it a policy to avoid any text that calls you to action; texts that ask you for personal information such as banking details should always be discarded. If you are operating a business, you can use an app that can help you verify phone numbers to avoid falling victim to these frauds. 

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Google People Card

Now you can add your own details on Google Search: Here’s how to!

People Cards will help you build up your online presence, but for now, it is offered only in India

When searching for a celebrity in Google Search, in addition to various links, a module with information and data about him will also be displayed. To enable this Google takes data from trusted sources and compiles the character card.

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And if you search for your name, if you like the rest of us are not famous, all that appears are the links of your social networks, someone with a name similar to yours and some embarrassing video that you posted on YouTube when you were 10 years old and now you have forgotten the code.

The above module, like that for the celebs, Google will soon make it available to general people as well. Starting today, the company has launched “People Card“, a type of digital business card, where every time you or someone else searches, a module with data and direct links to social networks or websites related to you will also appear. This module may include name, job, residence, address, telephone number, email, etc.

Source of information? You yourself.

You just need to have a Google address and then you can compile the form with all the data you want to share. You will be asked for a phone number to verify it, and if you change your mind you can delete it at any time.

Steps to create People Card on Google

  • Step #1: First sign-in to your Google Account
  • Step #2: Next search for “Add Me To Search
  • Step #3: Next click “Add yourself to Google Search
  • Step #4: Put your phone number to complete the verification process
  • Step #5: Enter 6-digit Unique Code
  • Step #6: Then build your profile on People Card by adding your Location, choosing the image, adding a description of yourself, adding links of your websites or social media profiles, and email addresses, if any.
  • Step #7: Click on Save
  • Step #8: Finally search for your profile name on Google Search to see all the shared information displayed on Google

Do you think this is finally the Google’s solution to take a piece from the huge social media market? We need to wait for a global launch, for now it remains to see how it will go in India.

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Signs That Your Mac May Need Professional Repair

Aside from being one of Australia’s most populated cities, Melbourne is also known for being the country’s technological hub. It has a thriving and competitive information and communications technology (ICT) industry that generates significant economic returns annually. Given this point, it should come as no surprise that the city is home to several digital and tech companies that are known all over the world. Indeed, technology has led to enhanced convenience and accessibility, so much so that you will see a smartphone held by nearly every person walking on the street.

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When it comes to school, work, or other related tasks, laptops and computers are undoubtedly the go-to devices for virtually any online activity. With this gadget alone, you can do virtually everything in the online space–surf the Internet, watch videos, create documents, edit videos, and so much more. If you have been a long-standing user of Windows computers, then switching to a Mac will certainly be a new experience. Using a Mac may initially feel like navigating a foreign device, but over time, you should be able to get the hang of things.

If you are using a Mac for the first time, you also have to familiarise yourself with the warning signs so that you need to visit a professional service centre that offers Mac repairs in Melbourne. While proper habits should allow your computer to stay in good condition for a long time, many unexpected situations can arise, so knowing how to spot these signs can prevent severe or irreversible damage from occurring.

Slow Start-Up

Has your Mac been turning on slowly the past few days? If so, it may be advisable to bring your computer over to a repair shop. A slow start-up is not only frustrating but can be a sign of a bigger issue. If left unaddressed, there may come a time when your computer no longer turns on and you lose all your data. While this issue does not always point to a large or serious problem, it could be difficult to examine if you are not well-versed with technical solutions. Thus, consulting a professional for Mac repairs in Melbourne will be your safest option.

Battery Problems

If you experience any sort of battery or charging problem, then it will be best to bring your device in for inspections. Over time, your Mac’s battery will become less and less efficient as you use up your charging cycles throughout its lifetime. You should be able to check your device’s battery cycle count in your settings to get a better idea of its condition. However, if you notice that the charging time is taking too long or your battery erratically connects and disconnects despite being plugged, then you should have it checked to see if the problem is within your battery or charger.

Failure to Sync

When working with a Mac device, you should be able to sync your laptop or computer easily with other gadgets like an iPhone or iPad. Thus, if you find that your Mac is struggling to or is unable to sync with your phone or tablet, bring your gadgets to a Mac repair shop in Melbourne. On surface level, it may seem like a small problem, but this sign can point to a larger internal problem. Make sure you bring both devices to determine which one is at fault and have it fixed immediately.

Freezes and Crashes

If your Mac is constantly unresponsive, hanging, and crashing for no reason, it can be difficult to get any work done at all. Before doing anything else, you can start by cleaning your computer and creating more disk space. Having too many files in your device can be one of the causes of the frequent crashing, so make sure you always leave some free space on your drive. If this solution does not work, however, consider bringing your computer to a Mac repair shop in Melbourne.

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The best way to post panoramic photos on Instagram

The best way to post panoramic photos on Instagram

When Instagram first hit smartphones, every uploaded photo had to be in a square shape

This is not a problem in terms of photos and selfies, but for panoramic photos, Instagram has always encountered difficulties. Now, you can upload any photo to Instagram. However, not all will look good. Below is an explanation of the best way to post panoramic photos on Instagram on your iPhone and Android devices, along with an iPhone app that will make the photos look better.

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How to post panoramic photos on Instagram

The simplest way to post panoramas is:

  • Open Instagram on your iPhone or Android, and press the plus icon below the screen to upload photos.
  • Once your photo gallery opens, select the panoramic photo you want to post
  • Touch the image with two fingers, and then reduce the photo so that the whole photo looks panoramic.
  • Add filters and post as usual.

The result is a rectangular photo with white space at the top and bottom. This method can adjust the size of the photo, but for full-size panoramic photos, it may not be possible to post the full photo.

Here is a program like Photoshop to cut the photo. If you have an iPhone, there is an app that will do all the work for you automatically: “Unsquared for Instagram“.

Download the app and give permission to access the photos. Then follow these steps:

  • Open the Unsquared app and click the photo stack icon at the bottom right.
  • Click the photo from the gallery you want to use, and then click the blue sign.
  • The photo will be presented with the Unsquared sign on it.
  • Press the blue icon that looks like a series of squares at the bottom of the screen, and you can now choose how many photos you would like the panoramic photo to be shared.

If you want to include each part of the photo, divide it into 3 parts. However you can split it into as many pieces as you want, but you can lose the top and bottom of the photo.

  • Once done, press “Done”. Separate photos will appear in your gallery, and you can post them on Instagram

sources/ businessinsider.com

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So, that’s all about how to post panoramic photos on Instagram. Hope you found this article useful. Feel free to comment your opinions down in the comments section belowfollow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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