2019 BMW X7

The original X5 debuted in 1999, a few years after Mercedes-Benz introduced the ML-Class SUV for the mass market.

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20 years later, the X5 is in the fourth generation, and the entire BMW line is full of SUVs, ranging from X1 to X6.

As such, the new X7 of 2019 is the first competitor of full-size models, such as the Range Rover and the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class.

The X7 is currently the biggest model the company produces, three-row SUVs with seats.

Think of it as SUV equivalent to the flagship BMW Sedan 7 Series (though cheaper). Now it comes to you as a new flagship on SUV days and spends a bit of fuel.

It’s bigger than almost any other SUV in the market, where bigger than this is the Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Navigator.

At the launch, two gasoline engines – one with six cylinders in one xDrive40i and another V8 xDrive50i – were introduced. However, a hybrid plug-in version will debut within the next year.

X7 characterizes every bit of the history of comfort and perfection of Serie 7.

Air suspension provides a comfortable ride on rugged asphalt roads, adjusting and self-leveling as needed.

As with other BMWs, X7 wears flat tires. The engineers have done a perfect job with the bumpers to improve the quality of the 22-inch wheel drive on the xDrive50i and the Pirelli P-Zero tires.

The interior of the car

No noise is heard so that the driver can talk to the third-row passenger without having to raise the voicemail. The only noise you can hear inside is the slight turbidity of the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 462 horsepower.

The xDrive40i version with 340 horsepower, six-cylinder turbo power in one line offers a softer, sweeter marmite noise.

It is not just the journey or the quieter interior. BMW also offers you seats that can be adjusted in 20 modes of heating, cooling and massage. But we can say that you have to try to understand which command adjusts the settings we mentioned. Even third-row passengers have heated seats.

The driver can push the second row of seats forward to leave more space to the third row, with only one button on the door panel.

The X7 comes with six or seven passenger configurations. Entrance to the rear seats is easy. The space in the three rows is wide.

An average adult can stay comfortably in the three rows. However, like all three-row SUVs with limited space on the back, we would not recommend it for long persons or for long journeys.

Five-Zone Climate Control means that the three rows can control air conditioning, although we are skeptical of how much separation can make separate areas.

The interior space of the BMW X7

With the third row at the end, the space in the luggage is limited. Only one suitcase can fit in it when placed straight. However, there is a box of considerable floor space.

But we can say that the luggage space is enough to hold some bags and plenty of groceries.

The third row can only be extended by one button, and this increases the luggage space to 1.37m3. If you extend the second row, the space increases to 2.56 m3.

The interior is a complete BMW standard, although this can be taken as a compliment. The cabins are wonderful. With soft, beautiful leather, wood and metal covering almost any surface.

The controls are well established. There are some difficult buttons that only one person who uses the car often can easily use it.

What technology does a BMW X7 use?

The car is a step ahead of Range Rover and Mercede-Benz GLS. Although the latter is expected to undergo some updates to improve some things. For now, the X7 is the best car of its class.

Like any German luxury vehicle, the BMW X7 of 2019 is packed with technology. The latest generation of the BMW iDrive information system is clean, fast and intuitive, though gesture controls are a novelty we are not yet accustomed to. While voice commands remain behind Mercedes.

The lack of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay that only works with subscription is a problem.

The screen that is mirrored on the glass is easy to read even without polarized glasses. There is a wireless charging hut at the top where the glass holders are. Each line is equipped with USB ports.

The second line has an HDMI jack and two headphone ports, as well as an integrated Blu-ray player.

The BMW X7 has color schemes that can be customized as desired, as well as the panoramic view on the glass roof.

The X7 hides its parts quite well, though it is not so small. It does not look bigger than the X5 even though it’s 22.8 cm longer.

In the driving position of the machine with automatic adjustment, on the downhill road, a light will light up at the top. While the steering wheel will vibrate. Even on flat roads the system feels too aggressive, pulling constantly to keep the car in the center.

What are the engine versions with which comes the BMW X7?

Prices for the six-cylinder X7 xDrive40i start at $74,895. This price is slightly more than the old GLS but about $15,000 less than the basic Range Rover.

To switch to the V8 engine powered by xDrive50i, which costs $93,595, about $10,000 less than the most powerful V8 Range Rover.

While a BMW 740i xDrive costs $86,650 and the 750i xDrive costs $99,950.

The GLS, the Range Rover and the 7 Series all have more powerful engines than the X7, but you have to pay more for this extra power.

The X7 also comes with the optional M Sport Bundle, although it is more visual. The package adds the larger air intakes to the front, the M wheels, the shiny black trim, and the M Sport wheels.

In Europe, the X7 M50d diesel version will be available.

The BMW X7 of 2019 is sure to be a hit, and deserves to be such. It is the most modern vehicle of its class. But again it is comfortable, has enough space, and allows you to enjoy the journey with it.

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