Meet the BMW Z4 by MANHART

The German company MANHART has a good reputation in modifying BMWs. Recently, this company’s Facebook page released some photos of the upcoming BMW Z4 with the modification package for this car.

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Mechanical details are not known, but at least we have images that show us the appearance of the modified Z4.

What is directly seen from the pictures is the wide graphic package. The MANHART Z4 features a gold-colored stripe as well as a few side edges similar to those we’ve seen for years in the Shelby Mustang.

A major difference is that the lines follow the line to the rear wheels. MANHART has chosen to emphasize this part of the Z4 body, as the line has been part of all the generations of Z4.

MANHART has also highlighted the openings on the bumper and backpack with gold-colored stripes. The direction of attention in these massive air slopes is a bold move by MANHART.

These gold-colored lines in the body of the car emphasize the natural shape of the BMW Z4, and make it look more aggressive.

Now we have to wait for the engine specifications and the details of the chassis modification.

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