Kosher Mezuzah Scrolls / Parchments:

Kosher Mezuzahs Written by way of Expert Scribes The Mezuzah is a selected item with dozens of rules governing its production. For example, it needs to be written on parchment crafted from a kosher species of animal, together with a cow, a sheep or a goat. Printed via hand with a quill manufactured from a feather of a kosher fowl, the scribe has to claim his purity of intention earlier than he starts writing and then whenever earlier than he writes the call of G-d. Every letter is precise, which includes the white space surrounding every letter. After the writing is complete, the scroll is checked meticulously using a computer as well as an expert within the field to make sure its Kashrut. Nowadays many websites promote Kosher Mezuzah Scroll, however, test this website for first-rate Mezuzah Scroll. Ashkenazi Mezuzah, Our Ashkenazi Mezuzah, is produced in step with the statement of Rabbi Yosef Karo, also referred to as Beit Yosef, a 16th century Rabbi who changed into answerable for the maximum latest all-comprehensive transcription of Jewish regulation. Like all of our Mezuzahs, it’s miles kosher, written through an expert scribe and proofread by using hand and computer. Chasidic/Ari Mezuzah We additionally convey a Chasidic or Ari version, that is produced in keeping with the views of the 16th century Kabbalistic Rabbi Isaac Luria (the Ari, or Arizal). It turned into written on uncoated klaf shell (parchment), and proofread both by way of hand and via laptop. Sefardic Mezuzah Finally, we have a Mezuzah written in the Sephardic or Velish style. Like our other Mezuzahs, it is kosher, written on animal parchment, and proofread both by way of hand and with the aid of pc

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Ashkenazi Mezuzah:

Our Ashkenazi Mezuzah is produced in line with the assertion of Rabbi Yosef Karo, additionally called Beit Yosef, a sixteenth-century Rabbi who became responsible for the maximum current all-complete transcription of Jewish law. Like all of our Mezuzahs, it is entirely kosher, written by way of a professional scribe and proofread with the aid of hand and pc.

Chasidic/Ari Mezuzah:

We also carry a Chasidic or Ari version, that’s produced consistent with the views of the sixteenth century Kabbalistic Rabbi Isaac Luria (the Ari, or Arizal). It turned into written on uncoated klaf shell (parchment) and proofread both by way of hand and through a laptop.

Sefardic Mezuzah:

Finally, we’ve got a Mezuzah written in the Sephardic or Velish style. Like our different Mezuzahs, it’s miles kosher, written on animal parchment, and proofread both using hand and through a laptop.

Price Range:

You are possibly questioning why there’s any such wide variety of fees for mezuzahs. The answer is that as with every craft, there may be first-rate artistry in parchment writing too. A minimal level of Kashrut has poor best writing and approved errors, but there’s mehudar, enhanced lovely writing. Experienced scribes work slowly and thoroughly, making sure that every letter meets with the halachic requirements. Their e-book has grace and beauty. This is on a better degree of Kashrut and instructions a higher price.


We take pride inside the excellent of our mezuzah parchments. All have a ten-12 months warranty. Jewish law recommends that mezuzahs be checked once every seven years. If the mezuzah is exposed to sun or water, then it needs to be checked two times in seven years.

Tallit Katan (Tzitzit or Tzitzis):

In ancient times the maximum of the clothes had four corners. In the past, they would satisfy the mitzvah by way of tying Tzitzis in the four corners of the garment. A tallit katan is crafted from cotton or wool (or synthetic substances. wool is a cloth desired with the aid of maximum Hasidim and Sephardim). A tallit katan is regularly known merely as “tzitzit.” A tallit katan has a small hollow in every corner of the garment in which a thread of woollen Tallit Katan is threaded. Chassidic Jews have aligned holes in each corner, a custom primarily based on Chabad (The holes stand against each other.) If you need to buy beautiful Tallit Katan-Tzitzit visit this Jewish Shop.

Tzitzit are the tassels or fringes that worn as ceremonial or conventional garments by using Jewish adult males that remind about the Deuteronomy commandments. These are specially-knotted ritual tassels and fringes worn with antiquity specifically by using Israelites and in recent times by way of observant Samaritans and Jews. Tzitzit are also connected to the four corners of the prayer shawl known as tallit and the tallit katan – an ordinary undergarment. The word Tzitzit additionally pertains to poncho-like mini tallit which can be worn at some point of the day typically under a shirt.

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