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2021 BMW 128ti

BMW officially unveils the new 128ti super sporty “baby”

The BMW 128ti has a 2.0-liter petrol engine which produces 262 horsepower (195 kilowatts) BMW is officially returning the Turismo sports package. This package was first introduced in...
2021 BMW iX3

2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV Revealed With 282 HP

According to BMW, with just 10 minutes of battery charging, the iX3 can cover 100 kilometers BMW, after many years of testing, has unveiled the final version of...
BMW 8 Series Golden Thunder Edition

BMW 8 Series Golden Thunder Edition Revealed

A special "8 Series" BMW has long sought to occupy a special place in the premium segment. The manufacturer of luxury cars from Bavaria aims at enriched models...
2021 BMW Alpina D3 S

2021 BMW Alpina D3 S Debuts: A turbodiesel with real muscles

Based on the BMW M340D model Who is Alpina? For all those who do not know this special name of the world of sports cars, without falling short,...
BMW M5 Hurricane RS by G-Power

G-Power introduces ‘Hurricane RS’, a BMW M5 with 829 HP

The Hurricane RS offers ludicrous performance by accelerating like a Bugatti Veyron Named Hurricane RS by the company known for its modification, the G-Power, this BMW M5 has...
BMW i4 EV Concept

2020 BMW i4 EV Concept Revealed, will rival Tesla Model 3

BMW has unveiled the Concept i4, the sedan electric car that will directly rival the Tesla Model 3. The Concept i4 has the same body as the BMW...
X3 M Competition by AC Schnitzer

After AC Schnitzer “treatment”, the X3 M Competition comes more powerful

BMW's X3 M Competition sports car has been "trained" by renowned AC Schnitzer, a car modification company. The "treatment" from this company includes the new package for aerodynamics,...
BMW X4 by Hamann

Hamann presents the package for the 2020 BMW X4

The company's offer of car modification, Hamann, also includes packages for the new generation of BMW X4.The new package includes some trim pieces and modified shock absorbers. Also,...

Manhart reinforces the BMW M5 again

The renowned German car modification company, Manhart, after announcing its newest creation - the MHX3 600, revealed that it has reinforced BMW M5 (F90). Last year, Manhart upgraded...

Manhart brings the newest creation – MHX3 600

The renowned German car modification company, Manhart, now also has its own dedicated X3 M competition version of BMW. Its newest Manhart design bears the name "Manhart MHX3...

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