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The murder of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has sparked outrage across the nation. The public’s widespread reaction to this horrific act means that it is likely that you have heard of this injustice even if you are not American.

Protests against Floyd’s murder, systemic racial justice, and calling for police reform have erupted all over the country. Due to drastic curfews imposed nation-wide, it is likely that you have seen stories of protesters being arrested in droves.

While agencies such as a 24-hour bail bonds agency can help bail you out, these organizations need funding in order to function.

Luckily, celebrities have come out in droves in order to voice their support. Not only have these celebrities been vocal about injustice, but they have also been important financial backers through these hard times.

Many celebrities have chosen to publically back protesters by donating to bail bond agencies around the nation. What’s more, these celebrities have helped by calling on their followings to match their donations.

Their impact has been profound, with some of the biggest names in Hollywood providing their support to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Celebrities Voice Their Support

Actress Gabrielle Union tweeted about donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. She also voiced the need to check up on Minnesota residents in the wake of increased policing at the protests.

Similarly, singer Lizzo took to Instagram in order to ask her followers to match her Minnesota Freedom Fund donation. The singer also referenced donations to organizations such as Black Visions Collective. Black Visions Collective works to campaign for police reform as well as investment in black communities.

Starting a celebrity matching train of her own, rapper Noname donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund as well. The rapper then made a point of calling out celebrities who followed her, encouraging them to do the same.

This started a remarkable train of celebrities matching Noname’s $1000 donation. The train included stars such as Yara Shahidi, Janelle Monae, Kehlani, Jameela Jamil, 6LACK, and more.

After matching Noname’s donation, Janelle Monae also gave to the Lousiville Community Bail Fund. Monae shared petitions and links to various other bail funds with her followers. Monae made a point of showing the variety of ways in which action could be taken during this time.

Recognizing the need to be mindful and present during this time, actress Kerry Washington hosted a joint yoga and meditation class. Hosted via Instagram Live, Washington made donations to the Louisville Community Bail Fund as well as the Black Visions Collective for each participant.

The ever-vocal Chrissy Teigen and John Legend donated $200,000 to the Bail Project. Their money also went to the National Lawyers Guild, a progressive bar association, as well as the Movement for Black Lives.

Other celebrity couples who voiced their support included Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. The couple donated $200,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The two voiced the recognition of their privilege as well as their support for the movement.


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