How to choose the best Real Estate Agent to buy a house

Currently, there are large numbers of people who have a Real Estate license and with it the permission to represent you in the purchase or sale of your home. However, as in all professions, having a license (or title) does not necessarily make it the right Agent to whom you can trust the most important transaction for you and with whom you have full security. That, with experience and expertise, will advise you and help you get the best business.

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Buying “on your own” or with a Real Estate Agent who does not have the knowledge or the necessary preparation for this process can make it not rewarding and satisfying to become a nightmare. Also, always keep in mind that as a buyer the only payments you must make are related to the price of housing and closing costs, in which the Realtor commission is NOT included, so this payment is NOT on your own.

How to choose the best Realtor for you? Ask him these three simple questions and make it easier to make your decision:

 In what area or type of property do you specialize?

When you go to buy a home, there is a lot more to take into account besides if you have stainless steel appliances or the location of the main room. The property itself is only one part. The rest has to do with the environment, public or private schools in the area, taxes; even the crime rate, the demand for rent (in case you buy it for this purpose), among others. The Realtor with whom you decide to buy or sell must know the area that is showing you, and so not only avoid undesirable surprises in the future, but to offer more information, you ensure the value of your acquisition.

On what variables do you base to determine the best price to bid?

When you have already reviewed and / or visited the properties that came closest to what you are looking for and you have the “chosen one”, it is time to present the offer to the owner of the home. This goes beyond sending an email to the seller and saying “I want to buy your house. Here is what I offer for her. “To get to the point of the contract, with the data and conditions of the purchase, it is very important that you have done the corresponding analysis before, even if you are buying the property to live it. Nobody wants to pay more than what a product is worth, in this case your home, and without this analysis in which are involved data such as the prices of those sold in the last 3, 6 and 12 months, income of the last months (in the case that you want to generate income), how much you pay for taxes, how long you have the unit in the market,

Do you need a prequalification letter from the bank to start looking?

The answer must be a strong yes. If the Realtor you are interviewing tells you that for now it is not necessary, it is going to waste valuable time. You can also take help from an expert like Larry Weltman. For over a decade Larry Weltman Toronto has advised the real estate industry on various fronts where he has the expertise and where agents have needs.


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