International Schools

Selecting an international school for a child is absolutely an individual matter. After all who knows the best about your child, it is you. It is you who understands the dreams, values and logistics of your family the best. It is not necessary that your child’s friend’s school will be the best for him/her too. With international schools in Hong Kong multiplying at a huge rate the selection process has turned more complicated. But not anymore as below are some tips that will help you in making the right choice.

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  • Perform Your Homework- Prior to selecting an international school for your child, prioritize what is vital for the child considering the language, academics or the other forms of extracurricular activities. Besides practicalities mainly schedules of the bus is a vital point under your decision process.
  • Personal Contact- Try visiting the school. It is highly recommended to see a couple of schools and not stick to just one as it is through comparison that you will get to know what is valued the most in any educational setting. Although this is time-consuming but is indeed worth it. To know more about the best school in Hong Kong,visit
  • Communicate with Real Parents- The moment you are satisfied with a particular school ensure to communicate with parents whose kids underwent the program and know more about their individual experiences. Schools increasingly are telling parents in acting as the parent ambassador. This though is a smart move that should be encouraged; they are always the school’s advocates. Being fans they are likely to evangelize instead of assisting you in evaluating the merits and demerits. So additionally, reach out to parents that left the school or college as well as ask them the reason.
  • Speak to Real Students- Often schools tend to present the finest students to parents during events and school tours. These students of course are specially picked as well as trained for following the script. Speak to them yet also find real students that have passed, students that have left and students who failed. You can take the help of upper secondary students for helping with your kid’s homework or observing and babysitting how they will be conducting themselves. It will provide you with interesting insights particularly if you happen to evaluate any secondary school.
  • Avoid Applying Everywhere- When you follow this, you can get a list of schools or colleges which cater most of your criteria as well as where you possess the decent chance to get accepted. For best results apply in five to six schools at the most.

The bottom line is, filling a form after completing your homework, seeing the school in person and talking to students and parents you can peacefully make the final decision. Next time you or any of your acquaintance looks for a good international school in Hong Kong just simply keep these points in mind and you can never go wrong. Choose wisely after all it is about your child’s foundation.


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