Google Currents will finally be released on July 6, as a social network just for work relationships

On April 2, 2019, Google chose to get rid of the social media train by shutting down Google+. The reason certainly remains the low interest on the part of the community. Let’s face it, during the golden age of Facebook, having Google+ was the weirdest part of the group. But a G Suite version for enterprise communications continues to exist and apparently interest in this feature is active.

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Existing Google+ users will be transferred to “an updated look and feel” and will benefit from “additional options” including content moderation and administrative privileges.

The beta version of the few months has served as a place to “engage with employees. To have fruitful discussions. We stay current together.”

The interface and experience are mostly unchanged, the material on the main screen is organized according to the connection or chronology, while posts from superiors can take precedence. Texts, links, images, and other materials from Drive can be easily shared.

Yes, if the WhatsApp group is not enough, you will have a completely dedicated social network.

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