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Doogee S90 – Meet The Monster

Doogee S90 – Meet The Monster
Doogee S90 - Meet The Monster

Doogee S90, initially it comes with 4 modules that include the Power Module, the Game Module, the Night Vision Camcorder and the Digital Dialog Module (walkie talkie).

Users can change different phone modules in order to improve their functionality or performance.

With the Power Module in particular, the S90 turns into a battery monster with a total of 10050mAh, as the module carries a 5000mAh battery that increases the battery life of the device for another 2 days of use.

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Doogee S90: The 5000mAh power module turns into a power bank

Doogee supports the theory that a device can provide endless possibilities with the use of modules as the features of the device can be expanded according to user needs.

Look at the Power Module, for example: if you’re tired of the battery when you’re on the move, you can easily walk around in one go, add an extra 5000mAh that allows 2 more days of use. And there is no need for cable.

So a total of 10050mAh are available for the Doogee S90 with this module.

Doogee S90 Power Module
Doogee S90 Power Module

Doogee S90: The Features of the Power Module

You can switch between a regular cell phone and a powerbank at any moment. Modular accessories of this smartphone can be attached by connecting through a magnetic link in a second.

Each time you attach the power module, there is no need to charge the cables as the unit is magnetically connected. In the powerbank mode, the smartphone has access to a total of 10,050mAh of power. It is ideal for different applications like for construction teams, outdoor enthusiasts etc. Its modular parts are mobile and safe to use.

PREMIUM feature: Magnetic point connections and capabilities

The DOOGEE S90 makes use of magnetic point connections to merge modular parts. This is not new, since Motorola has the same approach to its modules. The back cover of the smartphone has 16 metal points. Modules are attached to the smartphone via magnetic force.

Moreover, even data can be exchanged through the metal point if you use Night Vision or Walkie-Talkie modules. Just attach the modular parts to the back of the smartphone in order to use them and extend the device’s capability.

In addition to the modules, the Doogee S90 is a true cell phone featuring the Helio P60 SoC, full screen with a U-shaped notch and a super easy way to transform everything you want through the modules.

The process lasts less than 1 second for each modular part. This is a valuable approach that opens a new door in how we view and use smartphones.

Want a better camera? Did you understand. Want a Bigger Battery? There is a Power Module. Even features such as the wave function of the phones are easy with the right module.

The Doogee S90 officially launched globally via Kickstarter on January 15, and the price will be only $399 for the device while the module package will cost just $100 more.

Buyers can buy S90 without package modules or they can choose what they prefer if they do not want to go for the full package.

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