Dying Light

Techland is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a series of events over the course of a month

Techland’s zombie survival game, Dying Light has been around for five years, yet somehow all that time has never been ready for a free weekend on Steam. Strange, isn’t it? Or maybe not, many games aren’t offered for free weekends, after all. Either way, we think it’s a little unusual for a game to have its first free weekend five years after release, but that’s what’s happening now.

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From 8PM until 8PM on February 23, Dying Light is free to play on Steam: Just head over to the Steam page, click on the “play now” button “And have fun. If you like, you can also get it for 60% off, or 67% off the Enhanced Edition 5th Anniversary Bundle, which comes with a lot of DLC.

The free weekend is part of a series of events meant to celebrate Dying Light’s fifth anniversary, which will include various events taking place between now and March 19th, and community awards including a new weapon ‘blueprint’, a “Surprise outfit” and a sticky explosive that can be gained from hunting Volatiles, a wild, dangerous zombie type that only comes out at night.

Speaking of Volatiles, yesterday Techland released a new Story Mode option for Dying Light that, among other things, reduces the risk they pose by making longer days and shorter nights. They’ll still kill you, but … they’ll just have less time to do it.

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