NeuraLink, a company founded by Elon Musk to explore ways to connect to the human brain with a computer interface, has applied to American authorities to test a device on people.

The system was tested at a monkey and had managed to control the computer with his brain according to Musk.

The firm said it intends to focus on patients with major brain damage. But Musk’s mission is to create a super man.

The device that the firm has developed contains 3,000 electrodes tied to a thread that is thiner than a hair that can monitor the activity of 1,000 neurons.

NeuraLink did not show how the system translates brain activity or how the device could stimulate brain cells.

Musk said the system makes possible a symbiosis with artificial intelligence. Before that, he had argued that artificial intelligence could destroy humanity.

Currently Musk is seeking to employ more scientists for a firm that employs 100 people.

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