After Instagram, Facebook and Messenger are also being removed from Windows 10
After Instagram, Facebook and Messenger are also being removed from Windows 10

A few days ago, users began to notice a message in the Instagram application for Windows Mobile 10, announcing that the app will be removed on April 30th.

While it was not a surprise, the news was still a blow to those who were still on the platform in Microsoft quenching, and it seems as if things are worse than originally thought.

According to Engadget, Microsoft spokesman confirmed that Facebook’s family of applications, including the main application, Messenger, and of course Instagram, are being suspended on April 30.

There is no mention of the same thing with WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook, so these users may still have more time to move.

The news is no more astonishing than it was for Instagram alone, but it means that the most popular apps on Windows phones are being removed.

Those looking to use Facebook on Windows now will have to use the mobile web site.

There is almost no reason to keep Windows phones at this point and Microsoft has made steps to bring their services and products to other platforms.

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