Facebook now enables sharing of events in Stories
Facebook now enables sharing of events in Stories

However, Instagram stories still attract the largest amount of users in all of their products. In an effort to improve Facebook usage figures, the social network is now allowing users to share events on Facebook Stories.

Although countless reports have shown that Facebook is losing its new demography due to Instagram, social networking is still the favorite place for those seeking to host events on the Internet.

The existing social chart that users have on Facebook plays a major role in this.The company has announced today that it will begin testing a way for users to “share events that interest you” using the Stories feature. This test will take place in the United States, Brazil and Mexico. IOS and Android phone users will have access to this functionality.

Event Stories will have clickable stickers that can be used to give important details. Friends will be able to tell if they are “going” or “interested” in events from the story itself.

It’s a good place to put the details of the event, but if your Facebook friends are really interested in your stories on the social network, that’s another matter altogether.

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