Facebook will pays you if you let it track the phone
Facebook will pays you if you let it track the phone

Facebook will once again pay people to monitor how they use their phones through an app called Study.

The app will monitor which apps are installed on a person’s phone, the time spent on them, the location you are, and other additional information that reveals specific uses.

Facebook says it will not see any specific content like messages, passwords, or websites that users visit.

Study comes a few months after the company eliminated a similar application called Facebook Research after many criticisms that drew.

The app was dedicated to teenagers and was available on iPhone. It uses a special certificate to override App Store restrictions and gain deep access to the phone.

The launch of Study shows Facebook’s famine about data and the way people use their phones. The study will only be available for users over 18 and only on Android where deep access can be guaranteed for every user.

Age of users will be verified by their Facebook account. Participants must have a PayPal account to be paid.

The social network did not unveil how much it would pay people to use the application but not everyone can enroll in the Study. Currently it is available only in the USA and India.

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