Ferrari SF90 Stradale Hyper-Hybrid Car with 986 Horsepower Revealed

The powerful hybrid supercar, the second behind this company after LaFerrari, which was introduced in 2013, was finally unveiled at the time of the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Ferrari Scuderia Racing Contest, according to Telegraph.

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This is the most powerful Ferrari ever created, which has electric motors, while has the V8 format, unlike the previous V12. To ensure that the SF90 Stradale, with the right footage to fit the performance, Ferrari has worked on the aesthetic appearance, which has a new design style.

In order to overcome the predecessor in terms of performance, it has been placed the 4.0-liter V8 engine, which can produce 769 horsepower. Thanks to three electric motors, one of which helps with the front and the other side, the capacity increases to 217 horsepower, increasing the overall capacity to 986 horsepower.

With the option of pulling the four wheels, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale the speeds from zero up to 100 kilometers per hour can reach in 2.6 seconds, 200 kilometers per hour reaches in 6.7 seconds, while speed measurement is stopped electronically when it has reaching 340 kilometers per hour.

The advanced internal system, in combination with the top aerodynamics, enables this Ferrari to reach tremendous speed. However, engineers working on the SF90 Stradale have worked to have some speed levels and drive different shapes like eDrive or Hybrid, in order to fit even less experienced drivers.

So far, Ferrari has not announced the SF90 Stradale prize, but no one thinks it will be cheap to buy a super-car with so high performance.

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