Floral Arrangements

Flowers are an excellent addition for diverse occasions in life. You can give a couple of them when celebrating birthdays and graduations. It adds more colour when given as a gift to welcome a new baby. A flowering plant or two is also the perfect housewarming gift. Flowers also help grieving family and friends say goodbye to a recently passed on loved one. And of course, weddings are one of the most in-demand occasions for floral arrangements. Indeed, flowers are a wonderful beautifying gift from nature.

However, most flowers have symbolism attached to them. A red rose symbolizes romantic love, but bright yellow sunflowers are inappropriate for a funeral. Other cultures use locally grown flowers for some religious beliefs. While there are a lot of flower arranging companies like Uniting Flowers to arrange for you, it may be best also to know what the best floral options are for several occasions.

Flower Arrangement for Birthdays

Flowers brighten up any occasion, and that includes birthdays. When you look at them, you feel happy and light as a feather. The best bulbs for family members such as your mom, sister, and grandmother are in the form of lilies and gerberas, which represents happiness and cheerfulness. A birthday gladiolus suggests infatuation and growing affection. Orchids imply beauty, strength and love.

Roses are a whole set altogether. You can choose from a variety of colours. Traditionally, you give a bouquet of red roses to the wife or spouse to represent love, passion, and respect. Yellow and white flowers are perfect for the birthdays of friends and children. And if you get a pink set, know that it symbolizes happiness and appreciation.

Flower Arrangement for Graduation

You often incorporate flowers in the outfit of a graduate. It is customarily in the form of a lady’s corsage or a gentleman’s boutonniere. Some schools have graduation lei for all of their graduates. Any flower will do. But when in doubt, you can opt for red or white to be on the safe side. If the graduate has a favorite set of flowers, then you can get that for her or him.

If you want to do something different, have flowers arranged according to the school colours via a mixed bouquet. The natural beauties are the ones with a host of available colours – tulips, roses, orchids, and carnations.

Flower Arrangement for Funerals

A funeral is a time of immense grief for the bereaved family. Flowers in the midst of it all liven up the surroundings amidst the pain. You do not usually replace bulbs in the middle of the viewing, so ensure that the flowers you get will last until the burial of the one who passed.

There are several types of arrangements for occasions such as this. You can hang garlands of flowers or floral casket inserts on the lid or the edges. Place a funeral flower spray on top, depending on the length suggested by the florists or funeral director. But the natural colours are either white or very light pastel colours.

Flower Arrangement for a Wedding Bouquet

The most popular flower arrangement is when a woman gets married. Aside from the flowers lining up the aisle, the wedding bouquet is one of the essential accessories of the bride on her big day. Modern marriage ceremonies require no specific colour when it comes to flowers. It all depends on the bride. But some of the most common flowers used are roses in different colour combinations, tulips, peonies, buttercups, and calla lilies. Services such as Uniting Flowers can help you with significant events such as weddings.

Most flowers enhance the beauty of people or the place where you need them to be. But what makes them unique is the arrangement and presentation on any occasion.


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