Forget the iPhone 11, next-generation iPhone is revealed
Forget the iPhone 11, next-generation iPhone is revealed

Is Apple changing things? After the ugly iPhone 2019‘s design now, a report really reveals that Apple is designing a very different iPhone, which millions of people will want.

The Chinese Global Times reports that Apple will launch a new budget iPhone that removes Face IDs in favor of a fingerprint touch ID sensor on the screen.

The phone is rumored to be launching first in China, but has the potential to go around the world.

Few details are known about this iPhone at this stage, but the Global Times source says the motivation for the phone is to “save costs” while struggling to win the Chinese market share.

In recent years, domestic brands Huawei, Oppo and Vivo have taken control of it.

This move would make sense. Global Times notes that over 85% of the Chinese market belongs to priced phones under $580.

Apple had previously covered the Chinese market with the iPhone SE when it started at only $399, but the company’s later strategy to fill the gap with older iPhone’s does not seem to have worked.

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