From October 15, Chrome plug-ins will be more safer

The company announced today that third-party developers have until October 15 to comply with new user data rules or will risk being excluded from the Chrome Web Store.

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New changes to the Strobe project were introduced at the beginning of the year following an audit of Chrome third-party plugins and apps on how users manage their data. New measures anticipate that developers undertake a more conservative approach to user permissions. Add-ons should require as few data as possible.

Moreover, any app that manages user content should post a privacy policy. In the past, Google requires such a pact only for plugins that have access to sensitive information touching only a small number of applications.

In February, a study found that 85% of Chrome plugins did not have a privacy policy. After October 15, any app that violates new privacy policies is likely to be removed from the Chrome Web Store.

Google has also updated the developer’s manual.

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