Galaxy Note 10 may have a 'wiser' camera than the Galaxy S10
Galaxy Note 10 may have a 'wiser' camera than the Galaxy S10

Samsung phones typically create impressions on the front of the camera and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is likely to be no exception, with the latest rumors pointing to ‘Smart ISO‘ and ‘AI-ISO‘.

What exactly is ‘Smart ISO’ or ‘AI-ISO’?

For now we can only speculate, but the names sound like ISO will be enabled by AI artificial intelligence, allowing it to automatically adapt to what you are running, and potentially meaning it can learn your preferences with over time, so the phone is better able to automatically select an ISO with which you are satisfied.

ISO is the sensitivity measurement of the camera sensor, which is useful for ‘viewing’ light or extra colors. This can especially help to improve low light pictures, where a higher ISO can usually be useful.

LetsGoDigital also speculates that the concentration in ISO may mean that the Galaxy Note 10 will offer a larger amount of ISO than 50-800 offered by the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

This is a credible theory, given that rival phones such as Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium and Huawei P30 have a much larger range, but now it’s just speculation. We will know more soon, as we expect Samsung’s future lines of equipment to be launched on August 7.

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