Galaxy Note 10 will bring a special camera that enables 3D images
Galaxy Note 10 will bring a special camera that enables 3D images

Samsung will unveil Galaxy Note 10 on Aug. 7, though we already know most of the device’s secrets.

Just as the fact that it will come in two sizes, each of which represents a triple camera network at the back – it is rumored that the larger Note will get an additional camera sensor. A new report says that Note 10 will feature a ToF camera on the back.

ETNews said in mid-May that Samsung is providing ToF lens supplies to the Galaxy Note 10, a camera technology that can provide a variety of features that can use depth information, portrait modalities, and 3D face recognition for reality added (AR).

Samsung has already used ToF lenses on a 2019 device such as the Galaxy S10 5G that is available for purchase in some markets where 5G networks are launched.

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