Galaxy S10 models names are revealed
Galaxy S10 models names are revealed

Samsung usually launches two versions of Galaxy S every year, with different screen sizes. Now thanks to a post on MobileFun (via Ben Geskin), it appears that some Galaxy S10 names have been detected, including Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 Edge.

Rumors about the new Galaxy S10 models have claimed that there may be at least 3 different models in 2019, where there may be a cheap model that will feature a flat screen instead of a curved edge screen. This model is expected to be known as the “Lite” model.

However, the Plus and Edge models are a little confusing where Plus is likely to refer to the biggest phone, but at the same time what does “Edge” mean if at least two of the models show knockouts?

Earlier, Samsung had used the Edge label to show which model had a curved display, but now that they are a little too predetermined, it is not known for sure what the name Edge is meant to show.

Samsung is expected to announce their smartphones early in 2019 and probably will not have to wait too long for the official details.

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