Samsung Galaxy S10 To Features 12GB Of Ram and 1TB Storage
Samsung Galaxy S10 To Features 12GB Of Ram and 1TB Storage

The Samsung Galaxy S10 could push the limits of what was thought to be possible for phones coming next year, which could leave the iPhone and even Apple laptops to lag behind.

A new report from Hong Kong’s GF Securities claims Galaxy S10 will come with a memory of 12GB of RAM. This capacity is more than any other phone and that most laptops can offer.

This big leap into RAM means super speeds like never before. This is likely to be a way to enable high-speed processing of large amounts of data that 5G will bring. Moreover, this capacity will enable the functioning of features of added and virtual reality.

The source also claims that storage will increase to a massive memory capacity of 1TB. Effectively, this is putting a powerful computer in your pocket and can replace the need for a particular laptop in the near future.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S10 at the beginning of 2019.

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