The latest Epic Games Store free games are two great ones, both involve being quite careful and secretive

It’s Hitman to satisfy your need to create detailed assassinations, and then there’s the Shadowrun Collection to let you hack megacorps like an elf.

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Hitman was a comeback as the series had little trouble in Absolution and boasts some of the most detailed sandboxes you will ever find. Sapienza in particular is very special, it is a spacious, elaborate level where you have an entire coastal city, complete with luxury residences and secret underground lab as your playground.

The Shadowrun Collection brings you three games, but you can skip the first one, Shadowrun Returns. It is a good RPG that is completely surpassed by its sequels. Since it is independent and the story is not one of its strengths, you better go straight to Dragonfall. They are all online RPGs set in a land where magic has appeared, turning humans into orcs and elves, and letting humans wreak havoc. You can get into tactical confrontation like a samurai or use drones to cross obstacles, it’s super.

Both are free until September 3rd, so hurry to get them as you have a few days left.

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