Anna Maria Island is a 7-mile long beach coast located north of Tampa Bay. The beautiful and scenic barrier island is home to some of the hidden gems of Florida, including its white-sand beaches surrounded by crystal-blue waters

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If you’re planning to get away from the monotony of your everyday life, the Florida sunshine will do you wonders. There are lots of Anna Maria Island vacation rentals, so looking for the right spot to park your belongings is never going to be an issue.

Anna Maria Island is composed of three homely and cozy towns: Bradenton Beach to the south, Anna Maria to the north, and Holmes Beach snuggled between the two seats. The coastal cities still maintain the old American traditions forestalling commercialization and the building of high-rise condominiums.

So, if you’re planning to take a quick getaway, expect Anna Maria Island to give you the vibe of “classic Florida.” It is a place where the old meets new and where bicycles still reign as the best ways of getting around the town.

Where You Can Sleep

There are lovely accommodations around Anna Maria Island catering to every kind of traveler. The first thing to you need to consider though is looking for a beautiful spot to bunk your belongings as each city has its unique features.

The Bradenton Beach City is known for its fishing piers, quaint little shops, and sugar-sand beaches. Anna Maria is home to some of the loveliest spots around the area with beachfront bungalows and lined commercial spaces. Homes Beach is an excellent destination for travelers who are looking for a relaxing escape.

For quick choices for Anna Maria Island vacation rentals, it’s best to go through their online listing and discover which spaces fit your ideal getaway. The Pineapple Cottage – located in the historic site of Pine Avenue, Anna Maria City, offers the perfect spot to unwind. The beautiful cottage is just a walk away from the Pier, restaurants, and shops.

Top 3 Restaurants to Visit in Anna Maria Island

There is plenty of room to enjoy the sun in Anna Maria Island with its vast coastal area. Each city and beachfront though offers a unique scene which can be a feast in the eyes. Aside from its white-sand beaches, Anna Maria is also home to some of the most delectable cuisines every traveler must experience.

Some of the restaurants to visit Anna Maria Island include:

  • The Sandbar Restaurant. This beachfront seafood restaurant offers classic Florida dishes for casual dining. Try out their Caramelized Pork Slider made from a local wild hog.
  • Beach Bistro. This upscale restaurant located in Holmes Beach City offers Floridian grabs with a twist. It is the perfect site for a memorable date with your loved one or a group of friends.
  • The Waterfront Restaurant. If you are looking for an easy-going ambiance with your traveling friends, the Waterfront Restaurant is the best place to visit. It has everything Anna Maria Island has to offer from a wine bar, an open-air patio, and homely scenes.

Stripping your way to the beautiful sandy beaches of Anna Maria Island is a sure fire way to enjoy your time-off yourself. Along with the beautiful and homely rentals, you can also enjoy the delicacies and infusion palates from these top restaurants that Florida can offer.


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